Watch with Kristin Gets Some On-Set Scoop!

Watch with Kristin Gets Some On-Set Scoop!

In case you missed it, Mark Salling, the mohawked-man behind Puck, recently made a video tribute to his "Glee family", and through Mark's eyes we got a glimpse of their awesomeness. Now we get to see just how really awesome it can be on the Glee set, as Kristin Dos Santos of Watch with Kristin heads over to the set to congratulate the cast on their recently acquired Golden Globe nominations. Well that, and - to maybe, maybe get some scoop! Like...what are Finn and Puck to do now that Rachel might possibly have another love interest thrown into the mix? And what guest stars they're excited about (Dianna Agron says, Idina Menzel):

Next up - a chat with Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester), who confirmed once again that there will be some singing and dancing for Sue. And, since we're all dying to know - just how Sue-ish is Ms. Lynch? Well, she would like to think she's a bit more of a happy person than Sue, but there is someone like Sue just below the surface. Except Jane Lynch keeps her in check because, as she puts it, she likes having friends:

And of course Kristin stopped to catch up with Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) as well. Was she as thrilled about the Golden Globe nominations as we were? Let's just say there was a little bit of a shock involved. Glee is just this little show! In Michele's words, "unbelievable". Along with some hints from Michele, we also get some juicy tidbits straight from Ryan Murphy's mouth:

Of course we wish we could be as well-trained as Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) and stop speculating and just "watch the show", but...we just can't help it!

Source: E! Online