Very Cute Glee Romance Ahead? Naya Rivera Talks Brittana

Very Cute Glee Romance Ahead? Naya Rivera Talks Brittana

Or Brittania, as showrunner Ryan Murphy would have it. (Oh Mr. Ryan Murphy, gotta be so picky, don't we?) Wait, you didn't think Naya was referring to a budding romance between Santana and a certain evil Warbler dude, did you?

So what about those rumors that Santana might hook up with the show's new resident bad boy Sebastian (Grant Gustin)? Well, thanks to Naya we can tell you that is 100 percent...False.

Whew, thanks for clearing that one up, E! Online! So who's involved in the "very cute" romance ahead? As if you even have to ask:

A source close to the show says there are "absolutely no plans right now to hook up Santana and Sebastian," despite Naya and Grant making what someone called "musical eye babies" during their "Smooth Criminal" duet in this Tuesday's Michael Jackson tribute episode. And that "Brittany and Santana are going strong!"

Going strong as in, Ryan Murphy & co. have it in the Valentine's Day cards to devote part of the big V-Day episode "Heart" to some "real" romance development between Brittany and Santana:

Naya flashed a huge Cheshire grin while talking about Brittany and Santana in the Valentine's Day episode, promising that fans can expect some "very, very cute moments" between the two lovebirds.

And we hope it's more than scissoring! (Oh Mr. Ryan Murphy, please don't get our hopes up!) Brittana fans, what "cute moments" do you think Naya Rivera could be referring to?