Tonight's The Night! Some Last Regionals Scoop

Tonight's The Night! Some Last Regionals Scoop

I know, you're too excited to sit through all my Gleeky jibber-jabber, so I'm just going to cut straight to the chase. Some Regionals (and maybe Nationals?) spoilers for you, right here:

  • First up, and probably the most exciting, is you can a get a full behind-the-scenes look at Regionals in this TV Guide article here. Get the lowdown on the original songs from the cast, and more!
  • Klaine! Klaine! Klaine! We all want some more Klaine. Luckily, we get a "cute" scene between Kurt and Blaine in tonight's episode, except there's a not-so-cute catch - it's at a funeral. Do we even need any more clues that Pavarotti's the one to kick the bucket?
  • We all can get pretty crazy with our Glee relationships (and the names that go with them), but what about the friendships? I'm all for that, and for our "FaBerry" fans out there (Quinn and Rachel, because I had a hard time with it too), tonight's episode is apparently going to set the wheels in motion for some real character development/interaction between the two girls. Despite Quinn's current "evilness".
  • And what would Regionals be without Sue? Well, we won't have to find out because according to Jane Lynch, she'll be there to not only make it miserable for New Directions but to pretend to advocate religion. *Shrugs* You know Sue: “There is a tea party candidate judge played by Kathy Griffin and a judge that is an ex-stripper-turned-nun and then the local broadcaster. I appeal to their religious side by having my group perform “Jesus Is My friend” manically,” Lynch says. “Sue has a way of getting inside information and then using it to great advantage and also floating misinformation — like the stuff about sex appeal. The other groups are busy working on sexy songs and I don’t think our religious judges will have any of that.”

That's about it for the Regionals lowdown, but don't worry fellow Gleeks, there's more! Beyond Regionals, there will be:

  • Possibly a Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) comeback. No one's entirely sure yet. But, he is in LA and if the rumors prove true, we might at least see him come Nationals. I mean, it would make sense, wouldn't it?
  • A toddler-sized version of Lauren Zizes! How adorable is that? I'm sure Puck would think so. The show is currently on the lookout for a "five to eight year old" and "pudgy" kid to play little Zizes.
  • A psychiatrist named "Dr. Shane" to appear in at least one episode. He's described as "smart, cool, and kind". You mean he might be...normal?

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