Tina Gets Her Moment in the Spotlight! What's Up in "Props/Nationals"?

Tina Gets Her Moment in the Spotlight! What's Up in "Props/Nationals"?

What's up for the rest of Glee season 3, you may be asking? You know, other than Nationals and some Glee character switcharoos. Hey wait, let's talk about those Glee switcharoos! Mark Salling (Puck) makes a pretty sexy Blaine, don't you think? --->

But seriously, this is no laughing matter. Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) gets a good whack on the head, and all we can think about is how cool Sam Larsen (Joe Hart) looks as Mike Chang? (I'm digressing again.) So, there's going to be a twist to this episode ("Props") other than some character role reversals. As we know, when Tina bangs her head she starts seeing everybody as different characters - but the second twist has something to do with Tina and Rachel, and as E! Online tells us, "fans of both ladies will be pleased". Awesome sauce.

What's even better news than some Glee body-swapping and a Tina episode? Jesse St. Sexy is back. Yep, Jonathan Groff returns as Jesse St. James - but does this mean he will have Alex Newell in tow again as Wade? After the look on Jesse's face the last we saw Wade, I'm guessing that could be a no.

I will leave you with one last tidbit to tide you over until Nationals. Quinn (Dianna Agron) may be making a comeback, but that might not mean she'll be "coming back" to the stage. Quinn's on the road to recovery, and it could be a long one - but hey, at least she'll have a "special" someone to help her out along the way.

I take it back. Darren Criss (Blaine) is totally more sexy as Puck than Mark is as Blaine.

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