Time For an Español-Off! Ricky Martin Guest Star Details

Time For an Español-Off! Ricky Martin Guest Star Details

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Updates in bold, below! Including the name of Ricky Martin's Glee character, and just who has a crush on the hot new Spanish maestro.

Next month, there's going to be a sweet exception to showrunner Ryan Murphy's "no guest star" policy this season - in the form of Ricky Martin! We Gleeks aren't the only ones excited though, as members of the cast quickly took to Twitter to share some behind-the-scenes photos.

But what exactly will Ricky's role in his episodes entail? All we know so far is that he'll be playing some "hot Spanish teacher"...but wouldn't you know it, it's a little more complicated than that. He'll also be playing the role of the rival to McKinley's own Spanish teacher, as Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester) elaborates for us:

“He comes in and I bring him into the Glee Club and people like, really love him, he’s a great teacher and stuff, so my job is kind of on the line now because the kids really love him. So we have to have a kind of like Español off. So he does a song, I do a song.”

So what does Will do to ensure he keeps his job (and his dignity)?

“[Ricky] came onto the show because my [character’s] Spanish speaking skills were coming into question, so I started attending night school and he was my teacher. He was my Spanish teacher. I go to night school now because I need to know how to speak Spanish so I can teach Spanish.”

Ah, so that's where this night school comes in....

As far as the Ricky Martin set list goes, Matt Morrison shared that with us as well - an unknown Elvis Presley song for Will, entirely in Spanish, and for Ricky? The LMFAO hit, “Sexy and I Know It.” Fitting, no?

Meanwhile, Damian McGinty (Rory Flanagan) almost leaks a certain secret Spanish song:

"All the guys sing -- [pauses] -- I was going to give it away! Wow. All the guys are singing a Spanish song."

Nice, Damian. Nice.

Plus, there's more! Check out these other Ricky Martin-related spoilers shared by members of the Glee cast via Keck's Exclusives:

  • "Hmm, #Glee fans. #kevinmchale @druidDUDE teases cast sings in Ricky Martin episode a mystery song about 'being sexy and being aware of it.'"
  • "#amberriley sings a song in Spanish in #Glee episode guest starring #rickymartin."
  • “#Janelynch tells me #rickymartin will likely be returning to #Glee for 2nd episode as Spanish Teacher. Hopes she'll get to work with him.”
  • And quite possibly the best of them all...: "#chriscolfer tells me his #Glee character Kurt will have a crush on #rickymartin Spanish teacher whose name is David Martinez."

Speaking of teachers...if you're anything like the one I had in sixth grade, you'll want to share some Ricky Martin love in the comments down there. Who's excited for this Español-off?

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