The Word on Duets, Tributes, Sam…and More Charice

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October 1, 2010

As an end-of-September present, Michael Ausiello of the The Ausiello Files has given us some mondo Glee spoilers. Here’s all the scoop I managed to dig up from his digging:

  • If Darren Criss (cast as Blair) will indeed be playing the love interest for Kurt, then what about poor Sam (Chord Overstreet)? The word is he just might be dating cheerleader Quinn.
  • We know episode 4 is called, “Duets”, but everybody’s pecking at their brain trying to figure out who will be singing with whom (and singing what). Well, you can stop pecking at your brain a little – we’ll finally get to hear him sing, when Mike sings his duet with Tina (aw….).
  • Okay, so we might get a Michael Jackson or a Bruce Springsteen tribute…but seems some Gleeks are still dying for some more Madge-ic. Unfortunately, it’s looking like the Super Bowl episode is going to be the last of the tributes this season, and a Madonna tribute sequel will have to wait. And no, there’s no truth to the rumor that the Super Bowl episode will be a sequel to “Britney/Brittany” (anybody else glad about this?)
  • I apologize in advance for my earlier mis-information about Charice, but sources have confirmed to Ausiello exclusively that the vocal dynamo will make a comeback! (And sooner, rather than later.) So Charice fans, gear up to watch more Glee when she returns in episode 7.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

  • Jo

    rocky horror is episode 5

  • Anonymous

    Really? Wouldn’t surprise me, I think Rocky Horror being episode 7 was only tentative (or misinformation). If you could point me to your source, that would be awesome!