The Truth Is Out! Sue Once Had Broadway Dreams

The Truth Is Out! Sue Once Had Broadway Dreams

What, you didn't think Sue Sylvester "C's it" the way she does just for the pure enjoyment of torturing show choir high school kids, did you? Well that and, there's a deeper reason for her hatred, and it goes all the way back to her own high school days.

Executive producer and co-creator Ian Brennan tells us that Sue once had "Broadway dreams" of her own, but they were brutally squashed. Actress Jane Lynch elaborates for us:

"Her little heart was broken," sighs Jane. "Will tells Sue, 'Poor little Susie Sylvester was told she wasn't good, and now she's got to punish the world.' Like a lot of angry people out there, Sue's a wannabe."

Young 16-year-old Sue will be played by 19-year-old Colby Minifie in a flashback during the November 15 episode, a Glee casting move Jane herself heartily approves. "I think they did a terrific job casting," raves Jane. "She has a great voice and energy."

Another tidbit coming up on the Sue side of things is the Congressional election, the results of Sue's campaign running simultaneously with the results of the McKinley High senior class president election:

"People are voting for both elections in the school, with signs pointing voters in different directions," says Ian, who promises that the final results take "a very surprising twist."

What "surprising twist" might this be? Take your guesses to the comments!

Source / Image credit: TV Guide