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The Skinny on Santana: Spoilers for Season 3 Episode 7 "I Kissed a Girl"

The Skinny on Santana: Spoilers for Season 3 Episode 7 "I Kissed a Girl"

That "Latin beauty" Glee was casting just might be...Santana's grandmother? According to E! Online, Grandma Lopez will be the Santana-relative appearing in a future episode, and other sources claim it will be episode 7, "I Kissed a Girl":

munoz_laura: Are we going to meet any of Santana's relatives on Glee soon?? Thanks!
Yep! We'll get to meet her grandmother in an upcoming episode. Oh, and we also saw they're casting "Pickles the Clown."

While I can only imagine the weird-yet-fun hijinks to ensue with a clown on Glee, the scoop to get excited over is definitely Santana's grandmother. In fact, "I Kissed a Girl" is practically devoted to Santana, as episode 7 delves deeper into her sexuality and more specifically, her coming out.

Read on for more details on season 3, episode 7, "I Kissed A Girl":

  • Santana not only comes out to her family - she confides in her grandmother - she also tells Sue, Becky, and Brittany (okay, Brittany's got to already know, right? I know she's blonde, but...).
  • Figgins (Iqbel Theba) gets some more action this episode (ew, not that kind of action). Don't worry, Sue's love triangle involves Coach Beiste and her new football recruiter man (Eric Bruskotter). But some characters will spend a lot of time in Principal Figgins' office this episode - including Coach Beiste, Kurt & Burt, Santana, Shelby Corcoran, and Will Scheuster.
  • Brittany comes out the winner of the senior class president election, but not without Rachel getting in the middle of things. She tells Figgins that Brittany's using bribes to get votes and gets her hands on Kurt's ballot box.
  • If she can't have Beth, she'll just get a new baby! Quinn's new plan of action is to get pregnant again with Puck, but Puck will have none of it. He does get some of the other kind of action this episode though - with Shelby. (Ew.)

A lot going on for just a Santana-themed episode! What gets you most pumped to see episode 7?

Source: MJ's Big Blog / Image credit: Iqbel Theba via Twitter