The Return of Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James! And Other Scoop

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October 8, 2010

This week Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online went to show creator/executive producer, Ryan Murphy for another round of spoilers, and there’s awesome news for Jesse St. Sexy James fans – he’ll be back! Check that out, as well as some other Glee dish I gathered from the post:

  • Jonathan Groff will be reassuming his role as Rachel’s betraying beau, Jesse St. James – but since Groff isn’t available until January of 2011, he won’t be making his reappearance until the back nine episodes. Hey, no complaining here. He’s worth the wait.
  • No final decisions on whether or not John Stamos will become a regular as Emma’s new dentist boyfriend, Carl – but it turns out we’re not the only ones in love with the guy. Everybody in the cast and crew is enjoying having him on the show. So who knows?
  • So Ryan’s narrowed down the artist choices for the upcoming Super Bowl tribute episode down to two…right? Sort of. Actually he still hasn’t quite made up his mind on that one yet. Sure, he’s had Michael Jackson, Springsteen, and Prince as ideas in his head for a while, but he kind of wants to tackle an artist no one’s suspecting. And lucky him (and lucky us), some new musical prospects have come to Glee fruition.
  • Any Coldplay in Gwyneth Paltrow’s episode? Afraid not. Although he toyed with the idea before, now that he’s got ‘em he wants to save the band for a future “competition” episode. They’re one of his favorites (and one of mine).
  • Not any huge juicy tidbits on Finchel (Rachel/Finn)…but Rachel will be stirring up trouble (as usual) when she instigates a game of Spin the Bottle.

Oh, and one final spoiler from Entertainment Weekly:

  • Remember the news on those “mini” versions of the glee kids appearing in a future episode? Turns out it’s not flashback-central like I thought, but a fantasy sequence. Still wondering what that’s all about – any ideas?
  • Leslie Amaro Garrido

    I think the trouble with Rachel involves Puck

  • Michaela

    @Leslie, I agree, or Sam.. but it would more likely be Puck

  • Libertygirl2995

    I think Rachel plays spin the bottle at a party that Jesse shows up at. Rachel won’t notice him until it is to late, or be drunk off her behind.


    freaking out about jesse here :D

  • kate

    Omigod, I’m soooo excited for Jesse!!!!!!! Totally freaking out!!!