The Groff Is Back and Nothing Hurts

The Groff Is Back and Nothing Hurts

Well...except that Quinn Fabray slap-in-the-face. Which by the way, I hear will be a Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray scene fans of the frenemy-ship won't want to miss.

Of course where Rachel and Quinn drama goes, Finchel fans are sure to follow. Remember that moment mentioned before, with Finn and Rachel in New York? Now E! Online has the details on that. Sort of:

"To elaborate and share some more, I can tell you that this Finchel moment may or may not include both Lea and Cory in the same place, simply speaking to each other. Confusing? Probably a bit. But what I mean is that a good Finchel moment doesn't necessarily mean it's a scene with both Finn and Rachel."

I would even go so far to say that those kind of moments are even better, but I guess Finchel fans will be the real ones to judge come Nationals. Speaking of Nationals...:

  • It's probably no coincidence that Will will be taking the kids to New York right around the time his Broadway dreams pop up. I'm betting Nationals will be as much a test of character for the Schuester as it is for the kids.
  • Not exactly a spoiler at this point, but still prom-related: Jesse St. James is back! Who I'm guessing is to be one of Rachel's "dates".
  • Oh, and Kurt's "outrageous and fabulous" prom-fit? Wait for it. Just wait for it.
  • Ask Ausiello put forth a blind item recently about a "troublesome diva" on the Glee set. Not to rehash old news, but Michael Ausiello is now coming forth and saying that it has no connection to the impending Glee character death (as if that helps us any).

Keep guessing away on our Glee death....

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