The Glee Project: Will There Be a Third Season?

The Glee Project: Will There Be a Third Season?


While FOX execs are still in negotiations to renew Glee for a season 5, things aren't looking too good for Oxygen's reality companion TV series, The Glee Project.

Oxygen will likely be forced to postpone or scrap the next season of The Glee Project, TVLine has learned.

Although the cable network declined to comment, sources confirm that a number of factors — not the least of which is that Glee itself hasn’t been renewed yet — contributed to the decision to (at least temporarily) shelve the reality spin-off.

Rumors of a Glee Project cancellation have been floating around the 'net, partly due to the lag in a Glee renewal this year - and partly because the nature of Glee's future is currently on the fence between Lima and New York.

Matt Roush of TV Guide talked a little bit about it in his April 15 column.

"I seriously doubt Glee is in any danger of flipping its final graduation tassel. Some renewal deals take longer than others, and given that this show more than most is in a constant state of reinvention, I'm not surprised they're still working things out. This is pure speculation on my part, but regarding putting The Glee Project on hold — and yes, I'm disappointed, too — I wonder if that isn't partially a result of the show's creative team still figuring out where the fifth season is headed and what their needs may be. (Doing a casting search for another New Directions club member may not be a particularly high priority, just saying.)"

Will you be sad to see The Glee Project go, and are you worried at all that Glee hasn't yet been renewed for its fifth season?