The “Gift of Glee”: Ryan Murphy Gives More “Grilled Cheesus” Spoilers

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October 5, 2010

Tonight’s new episode of Glee, “Grilled Cheesus” promises to be not only another provocative, controversial, and emotion-packed hour but also the kind of episode that we Gleeks have come to love about the show. To give us even more of a heads-up as to what will go down (you know, other than Finn and his grilled cheesus), co-creator/executive producer, Ryan Murphy talked a little bit more about “Grilled Cheesus” to Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide, revealing some teeny-tiny spoilers:

  • Finn might have seen Jesus in his grilled cheese, but Jewish Rachel doesn’t find it that impressive.
  • Kurt doesn’t believe in God.
  • Quinn does believe in God, and prayed every night throughout her pregnancy.
  • Being Sue, Sue has a little something to say about the kids performing spiritual songs in school – and she even has an argument with Emma over it, Murphy calling it, “the scene I’m most proud to have been involved with in my entire career.”

And it’s a tearjerker of an episode, according to Kristen of Daemon’s TV, who has put up an advance review of “Grilled Cheesus”. She also says the episode’s soundtrack “fits perfectly into the story.” (Which makes my Glee day!)