Super Bowl Episode: Casting For Jocks, Firebreathers…

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November 23, 2010

…you know, the usual at a football game. But this isn’t just any football game for McKinley – it’s the championships (along with the girls’ cheerleading regionals), which goes along perfectly with the Super Bowl. And word is we’re going to be treated to quite a half-time show. Between some scoop and a casting call from E! Online, in addition to a performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” we can expect the following new additions to the February 7 episode:

  • Two new “jock” characters: big and handsome football player, Strando (who might end up as a recurring character); and Scott Cooper, another athlete (notice he’s not a footballer) who’s said will act more along the lines of tough guys Puck and Karofsky.
  • BMX bike tricksters
  • Fire-breathers
  • Jugglers

Thoughts on the new jock additions to the cast?

  • SarahSoprano

    Oh gad I’m so excited. <3

  • Romanslabyrinth

    so which jock will be the love interest for Kurt that RMurphy has long been talking about