Sue's Singing What? Two Hints From "Ask Aussiello"

Sue's Singing What? Two Hints From "Ask Aussiello"

Last week we spotlighted Kristin Dos Santos of Watch With Kristin taking a trip down spoiler lane as she visited the cast and crew of Glee on-set. Except for a few small hints here and there, she couldn't dig up anything that big (they sure know how to keep their lips sealed). Though one little tidbit that has got people excited is the news that...wait for it! Sue Sylvester will be both singing and dancing in the near future:

"'Sue Sylvester does get humbled from time to time, and she will get humbled in the next nine episodes,' Jane told me. Also, it sounds like we're gonna see more of her musical side: 'I will be doing a little singing and a little dancing,' she teased. Jane also mentioned that there are lines sometimes that she won't say. One of them involved skinning a cat. 'I have cats!' she said. Heee."

How about that "skinning a cat" line, huh? I remember cringing at those words coming out of Jane Lynch's mouth (but in a good way! If that's possible...).

Now, after one of these excited Gleeks posed an "Ask Ausiello" question, for just a hint even, of what she will be singing, Michael Aussiello of The Aussiello Files had this to say:

"You can have two: 1. Gene Kelly and 2. Fred Astaire."

Ooh, Gene Kelly. Now I feel like a true nerd Gleek.

Source: Entertainment Weekly