Stripper Sam Plus Sectionals, What Could Be Better?

Stripper Sam Plus Sectionals, What Could Be Better?

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Trouty Mouth makes his grand re-entrance in next week's new Glee, episode 8, "Hold on to 16" - around the same time as Sectionals. Huh. What a coincidence.

According to Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans), it's no coincidence:

"Finn and Rachel come find me and ask my parents if I can come back to help them win Sectionals," previews Chord. "Rachel says I can stay at one of their houses, and then everything picks up where it left off."

Ah, so that's how they're going to bring Sam back into the picture. And if the promo is any indication, it's going to paint quite the hilarious picture (Rachel agape at Sam stripping, *cough-cough*). Sam's return to McKinley and New Directions isn't going to be all hunky-dory though - apparently he'll take after Finn and start "butting heads" with a more recent New Directions newcomer:

Oddly enough, Blaine will butt heads with [Sam]! Any possibility this could turn into some kind of shirtless scuffle? No? And don't forget what we told you: Samcedes is not dead! The feelings will still be there between Sam and Mercedes, at least on one side.

Head over here for more scoop on the Samcedes front (hint: It could involve Sam in a Speedo! Jeez Chord, showing skin much on Glee?).

As far as Sectionals goes, we can look forward to an "adorable" Brittana moment:

Although Santana and Mercedes sing the leads during the Troubletones performances at Sectionals, we hear that there is a moment where Brittany and Santana find some time during the number to be adorable.

Aw...finally some cute post-Santana-coming-out Brittana coming our way!

If you're already as excited about "Hold on to 16" as I am, Wetpaint Entertainment breaks down the promo with some spoilery Gleeky goodness for us! Gleek out about that, and Chord/Sam returning, in the comments!

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