Sticky Relationships and Upcoming Storylines

Sticky Relationships and Upcoming Storylines

Can you imagine a relationship stickier and more of a shock than Puckleberry was? Yeah, neither can I. And yet, the gauntlet has been thrown to one potential pairing that we're hoping does not happen. Or maybe you're hoping it will happen.

Get the lowdown on that and more, as I hit you with some spoilers:

  • Scoop on Sam and Rachel together? Sam and Rachel - when did that rumor happen? As of right now, the consensus is no...but knowing Glee and Ryan Murphy and co, that might not be a "no" forever. Let's see, that would put a damper on Santana-and-Sam, Quinn-and-Sam, Finn-and-Rachel...and maybe Quinn-and-Finn, as a domino effect? Anyone else getting confused?
  • Speaking of Quinn...there'll be at least one more Rachel-Quinn moment coming up as super-awesome as that one in the auditorium face-off. Not to mention there's word about that duet.
  • We're all hungry for some more Tina storylines, and apparently there is one on the horizon! I'm definitely up for that, I've been a bit miffed at Tina not getting her shine on in the spotlight since season 1. Are some more serious Tina solos too much to ask for?

So which relationships are you rooting for? Now it's your turn to "hit" the comments.

Source: E! Online