Sticky Relationships and Upcoming Storylines

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March 29, 2011

Can you imagine a relationship stickier and more of a shock than Puckleberry was? Yeah, neither can I. And yet, the gauntlet has been thrown to one potential pairing that we’re hoping does not happen. Or maybe you’re hoping it will happen.

Get the lowdown on that and more, as I hit you with some spoilers:

  • Scoop on Sam and Rachel together? Sam and Rachel – when did that rumor happen? As of right now, the consensus is no…but knowing Glee and Ryan Murphy and co, that might not be a “no” forever. Let’s see, that would put a damper on Santana-and-Sam, Quinn-and-Sam, Finn-and-Rachel…and maybe Quinn-and-Finn, as a domino effect? Anyone else getting confused?
  • Speaking of Quinn…there’ll be at least one more Rachel-Quinn moment coming up as super-awesome as that one in the auditorium face-off. Not to mention there’s word about that duet.
  • We’re all hungry for some more Tina storylines, and apparently there is one on the horizon! I’m definitely up for that, I’ve been a bit miffed at Tina not getting her shine on in the spotlight since season 1. Are some more serious Tina solos too much to ask for?

So which relationships are you rooting for? Now it’s your turn to “hit” the comments.

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  • Sarahdorothyhughes

    PLEASE let Sam and Rachel happen!

  • JES5A

    I’d be sort of interested to see where Sam and Rachel lead but I also think it would be kind of ridiculous. I mean, I know people switch up relationships in groups of friends during high school but at this point, its like a love… octagon. Everyone has gone out with flipping EVERYONE and I hate seeing Rachel scoop up all of Quinn’s sloppy seconds.

    Plus I really want Finn and Rachel to get back together.

  • Ch3y3nn3

    sam and rachel would be fun o watch… but only because i would want to see the reaction on finn and quinns face…ha

  • gleekbabaay95

    I think that Ryan could go in so many directions with a Sam and Rachel storyline. For example if they go to prom together.. and then win against Quinn and Finn.. :D then Quinn will dump Finn and want Sam back but Sam will be with Rachel… and ooo I can small DRAMA. :D

  • Blahblahblah

    Can Mercedes get some love? Please? Everyone else on the show has had MULTIPLE pairings, yet she has yet to have one legit relationship (don’t even bring up Puck, that was such a sham).

  • Tea And A Cheshire Smile

    She is :D But not yet… Ryan Murphy made this huge deal about how he’s searching for a guy that can keep up with Amber Riley (Mercedes) So there WILL be a love interest – just probably not until season 3 :)

  • Mandy

    I did hear of a lot of spoilers saying that Ausiello confirmed that we should look for a very unlikely pairing taking shape towards the end of this season… I guess Samchel could be that, although I don’t think they’re quite that unlikely.

  • Gleeek

    Artie and Tina! I want them back together! :D

  • dawson

    i want finn and quinn together and rachel and sam would make the best couple

  • Jessy

    I definitely do not want Sam and Rachel to happen.
    But I think that Sam and Brittany would be a good couple.

  • tots!!

    what happened to the tots guy???

  • Guest

    its about time Tina should get a storyline i mean come on, shes had hardley anything this season and i think she could open so many doors

  • Guest

    thats a good point. what did happen to him, i thorght they were kinda into eachother and Mercades should get a romance- she deserves it!!! :)

  • Guest

    i think Artie still has feelings for Tina, but im not sure if Tina does too cos she seems pretty happy with Mike, though it would be interesting to see Artie and Tina have a scene alone- i wonder what would happen?? :)

  • finchel22

    yay Sam & Rachel* (Samchel) Please RM make it happen it would be awesome

  • Abc

    here are my fav. pairings:

    finn – rachel
    mike – tina (asian powers thing is funny)
    artie – britanny (he understands her dumbness and she puts up with his disability)
    quinn – puck
    santana – puck (i kno shes les but it would be nice to see both the bad pple fall in love and actually work out)
    mercedes – some good guy
    sam – some nice girl
    kurt – some dude, i guess

  • Miriasha Borsykowsky

    Faberry please

  • veganhothead

    Why does everyone need to be paired off? It’s high school, and high school romances are usually fleeting anyway. I do LOVE Puck and Lauren though. I want them as prom King and Queen!
    I agree we need more TINA! She has been way under-utilized this season and it’s a waste of her talent.

  • Quick!!

    Please let Quinn & Puck get back together soon!! They belong together!!

  • sarah

    Well, i think personally Finn and Rachel should get together NOW!!

  • faberrybrittanalover

    BOO!!!! lol Brittana needs to be number one on that list :P

  • Noor_thalho

    Im all up for PUCKLEBERRY AND SANCHEL!!!

  • Blaze

    NOOOO! Santittney/Britanna!!

  • Hayley Hudson

    plz plz plz plz let samchel happen

  • Hayley Hudson

    plz plz plz plz let samchel happen

  • Penpen Kapusuzoglu

    Here’s how I think couples should go:

    1. Kurt and Blaine <3 (Kurt CoBlaine. 'Nuff said.)

    2. Puck and Lauren (Even though Luck is a bit weird, I think we would get to explore Lauren's storyline)

    3. Brittany and Artie (Bartie is really cute together)

    4. Tina and Mike (Asian Squared is hilarious and he has nice abs)

    5. Sam and Rachel (It would be interesting to see Samchel be a reaction to Quinn and Finn)

    6. Finn and Quinn (Finn has too much trouble deciding so I think they actually work, as they were a couple at the very beginning of Glee)

    7. Santana and Karofsky (Not long term or anything. Just long enough to freak Kurt out, get Blaine defensive over Kurt and make Brittany realize she loves Santana more than Artie -who doesn't want more Drama?-)

    8. Mercedes and Matt (Where O' where did Matt Rutheford go? Am I the only one who remembers his name? Mattcedes!)

    9. Sue Sylvester and Sue Sylvester (I loved her wedding: "You may kiss yourself")

  • Elle_simmons

    PLEASE DONT LET SAM AND RACHEL HAPPENNN PLEASEEE .. But PLEASE bring QUIN and SAM back togetherrr please :’(

  • reem89


  • Finchel <3

    I just want to Finn and Rachel get back together please!! Cuz they’re made for each other.Finchel best couple ever and they should be together.:D I think Quinn to stay alone cuz her own deeds at least for a while :P:D Tina and Mike,Kurt and Blaine,Brittany and Artie…This couples should go on :)

  • Dajabbers

    Please let Puckleberry be an end couple. i love that pairing with a passion. i hate how everyone is “Oh Finchel, i love Finchel! Finchel is end game, blahhh blahh” I want Puckelberry

  • Dajabbers

    eww, they have no chemistry. They have as much chemistry as Finchel, which is none.

  • ashley

    No offense to RM, but all that’s happening in glee nowadays is that everyone in glee club are switching their boyfriends/ girlfriends.

    Oh and are there any more spoilers about Klaine? :D

    <3 Team Quinn <3

  • Quick!!

    They have so much chemistry with each other, way more then any of the other couples (Definitely Puckleberry!! they look like siblings)

  • Quick!!

    They have so much chemistry with each other, way more then any of the other couples (Definitely Puckleberry!! they look like siblings)

  • Haifa

    I’m hoping for Kum/Hevans (Kurt and Sam).
    Or Puckurt, but that’s like the least likely pairing ever.

  • KumQuickBrittana

    I clicked like by mistake.
    -Kum and Brittana shipper.

  • Haifa

    Too bad they’re both endgame.
    And again I clicked like by mistake.

  • Alex Vaughan


  • sabine

    finn and rachel

  • T1Sa

    Tina and Mike -

    I want to see the writers develop these two wonderful characters further.

  • Quick!!

    Oh I’m with you with the Kum/Hevans!! They need to get together so bad (But I bet they wont. Stupid RM) just like Quick!!

    Quick & Kum FTW!!

  • Blair

    besides Puck and Santana and I only like Finn and Rachel but the rest I love!

  • puckleberry&brittanaforever

    is it a definite that finchel and quick are end game? Because i’ve seen all these things that say “too bad Ryan said they’re endgame…” but I haven’t ever seen something where HE said they were endgame.

  • DeDe Puckerman

    I still wishing for Puclekberry again!!!! Jesse & Rachek again… I need Rachel with some other guy cuz she deserves better… maybe at the end with Finn but she need to explored…………… Sam is not that bad

  • triccieps

    Remember that cute guy Kurt tried to set her up with (cafeteria scene), that guy was a hunk! Him and Mercedes would look hot together!!!

  • triccieps

    Yeah! That guy!

  • triccieps

    Seems like Finn suddenly notices Rachel whenever she’s with someone else. Why not give Rachel a guy from outside McKinley, not a competitor though, so that that issue won’t come up again. See how Finn feels about that. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

  • triccieps

    Seems like Finn suddenly notices Rachel whenever she’s with someone else. Why not give Rachel a guy from outside McKinley, not a competitor though, so that that issue won’t come up again. See how Finn feels about that. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

  • KumQuickBrittana

    Kum Quick Alliance FTW! *high fives*

  • Leauna Janay

    please oh god pleASE LET IT BE PUCK AN RACHEL I SWEAR IF THIS HAPPENS GLEE WOULD B LKE TOTALLY HUGE,…cuz whats better thn puckleberry?????NOTHN

  • Leauna Janay

    huhhh huhhh NO!!

  • Haifa

    I can think of a million things better than Quam.

  • shehunt

    I really don’t care if Rachel and Puck are together – I just wish they’d pair them up for more duets! Lea and Mark sound terrific together and I loved the Lady Antebellum song. I could take more of that from both of them anytime!