Spoilers on Puck, Sue, and Holiday Episode – Sort Of

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November 2, 2010

Want to know what I love about Glee? We have to represent all different sides of religion and spirituality with “Grilled Cheesus”, but there’s no qualms about calling a holiday-centered episode, the “Christmas” episode. Speaking of, there’s a spoiler about that (and more) below:

  • There’s still the idea floating around that Susan O’Boyle will guest in an upcoming holiday/Christmas episode, but it has yet to actually be confirmed by FOX. Which basically could mean “yes” or “no” at this point. But knowing just how secret everybody associated with Glee likes to be, I’m guessing “yes”.
  • Puck will not be the one getting expelled. Yay?
  • As far as Burt and Carole getting married, nobody can really say (though we all know it would certainly make Kurt a happy camper). I have heard though, that Sue “is going to make history by becoming the first person on earth to marry — or at least attempt to marry — ****el*!”
  • I’ll take any brave guesses for that one in the comments!

Sources: Fancast, Entertainment Weekly

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    the coach from the opposing glee team

  • Franklin

    marry herself?

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    She is going to marry herself :)