What Lies Ahead: Latest 'Glee' Spoilers

What Lies Ahead: Latest 'Glee' Spoilers

Check out the latest spoilers from Ausiello's spoiler column and the TV Guide:

  • Look for some romantic shakeups in the adult world, specifically involving Will.
  • There’s a reason Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holly Holiday is back for more than one episode. And despite speculation, it doesn’t involve Cheyenne Jackson’s returning Vocal Adrenaline coach, Dustin Goolsby (although he does make a play for her.)
  • What would bring the disgraced Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky) back to McKinley High? The chance to topple Mr. Schu's glee-topia, of course! In an upcoming episode, he'll be on hand to critique a Jack Johnson number. The question is: What the heck are Becky and Jacob doing there?

E!Online also has got some intel on the big Regionals episode next week...

Next week's episode will surely be one of the highlights of this season. Fanbases from these couplings will be happy with the goings-on in "Original Song": Quinn-Rachel, Quinn-Finn, Kurt-Blaine, and Sue-Will. There will be low points, and then there will be even lower points. But I promise some amazing high points as well.

The Death Heard Round the World

By now you know a character is biting it during the Regionals episode, and the impact will be major. And if this is the first time you're hearing that bit of scoop, surprise? I've seen some of you making guesses in previous Glee-Dux comments, and I can tell you some have definitely guessed correctly. Others are wayyy off.

Quinn for Prom Queen

This storyline is not going away, I'm afraid. Quinn is dead set on ruling the school, and she thinks prom is the time and place to do it. She's also dead set on making Finn her king, but he won't be easily roped in to that circus. Perhaps a certain ex-girlfriend with a golden voice has something to do with his hesitation?

Kurt and Blaine Find Their Footing

What I mean by that is, Kurt gets the confidence to perform a rocking solo, and Blaine is involved with quite a game-changing plot point. As for Blaine and Kurt the maybe-maybe not couple...we get a moment during Regionals that could put some air back in our Klaine hope tires.

A Dream Judging Panel

Come for the singing, stay for the guest stars. Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine are, not shockingly at all, a wonderful part of this episode. Add Sue Sylvester being her awesome evil self, and we've got a real Glee party. I'll bring the Pringles.