Spoiler Scoop: Say, Cheerios!

Spoiler Scoop: Say, Cheerios!

Two more Cheerios, to be exact. Looks like McKinley High might be getting two new additions to the squad in the near future...well, at least according to this funny "slow mo" video, Cory Monteith (@frankenteen) recently uploaded to Twitvid. Guess who they are (you gotta listen):

Heh, slow-motion. Okay, so that's not entirely set in stone. But I'll be keeping my eyes and ears peeled for more on that. In the meantime, check out Cory's other short videos while you're at it, they're great.

Speaking of the Cheerios...for those of you more Sue-inclined, we've got an extra little spoiler from Fancast:

I’m having Sue Sylvester withdrawal! Got any scoop on her duet with Olivia Newton-John? – Layla
I asked Jane Lynch how ‘Glee‘ grabbed the ‘Grease’ star, and she explained that ‘both [series creator] Ryan Murphy and I are very big fans of her. Ryan said, ‘I’m going to try to get her on our show,’ so he sent her letters and DVDs, and she said yes.” But what brings ON-J to McKinley High? And is the Aussie songstress in fact playing herself? ” I have no idea,” says Jane. “I just know we’re singing ‘Let’s Get Physical’ and that I’ll be Sue Sylvester.”

Now that's one I didn't see coming.

Thanks to Jessica Klatt for the heads-up on the video scoop.