Spoiler Scoop: Going To Love The Third Episode Back

Spoiler Scoop: Going To Love The Third Episode Back

Who else really loved "Wheels" in the first season half, show of hands? Come on, I know you're out there.... If you're a fan of the diva-off - wheelchair-turning - Quinn-baby-fun that is "Wheels", then word The Ausiello Files has it you might like a certain episode in the second half, too:

Ausiello: If you liked last fall’s “Wheels” installment, then rumor has it you’re going to love the third episode back. And by love I mean cry like a teething baby that’s just been dropped on its head. It’s probably no coincidence that both episodes share the same Emmy-winning director: Paris Barclay.

And remember a week or so ago, I mentioned the possibility of a Neil Patrick Harris appearance? Well, check out this magic:

Question: Any updates on Neil Patrick Harris’ Glee appearance? Is it definitely happening? —Evan
While there’s nothing official to report yet, a major — and perhaps final — hurdle has been cleared: CBS has signed off on the deal.

Source: Entertainment Weekly