Spoiler Scoop: Ausiello on Relationships and...Asterisk Quizzes?

Spoiler Scoop: Ausiello on Relationships and...Asterisk Quizzes?

How many of you, in the word of Chris Colfer - Kurtsies - out there love, love, love the idea of Kurt getting a boyfriend? Don't forget, he has to be good-looking, but not too good-looking that he shows up our spunky Kurt. I'm dying to see who it's going to be...and who they're going to get to play the role. Heh-heh-heh.... Speaking of Kurt, here's a related spoiler, but there's a catch.

Wait, what catch? You'll have to figure it out for yourself. Quite literally.


Question: The boyfriend Glee is introducing for Kurt next season will be on the football team? Hooray, I finally solved one of your asterisk quizzes! —Carly
And you know what that means, right? You’ve made it to Level 2. Here’s your next quiz: Kurt isn’t the *n** seemingly celibate **ee *h*r***e* **tt*** * *o** i******t *e*t *e****.

There's going to be more relationship mayhem than that, too. Not just with Will and Emma, either:

Ausiello: Sounds like there’s some good Artie-Tina stuff in the upcoming Madonna-themed episode. “What I love about Artie is he’s just clueless,” exec producer Ryan Murphy told reporters last week at press tour. “We’re doing this thing [in the second episode back] where he’s a little bit sexist with her, and she kind of isn’t going to take it any more.”

We love that about Artie too. And speaking of Will and Emma...there really is going to be some more of that too. But, the Glee writers/showrunners are wondering - at what pace?

Question: Any tidbits on where the Will/Emma relationship will be when Glee returns? —Rebecca
It’ll be in the Schuester living room! Allow me to explain: When I was on set last week, I observed Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays shooting a scene that takes place in the Schuester living room. I’m not really sure what was going on, but I can confirm that they were alone. Not scoopy enough? Um… let’s see… Ryan Murphy says there’s an ongoing debate in the writers room about the pace of the Will/Emma romance. “We have a lot of conversations about, ‘When should they kiss again? When should they sleep together? Should they sleep together?’ We talk about that a lot.”

Source: The Ausiello Files / Entertainment Weekly