Glee Spinoff a No-Go, but Seniors Back for Season 4!

Glee Spinoff a No-Go, but Seniors Back for Season 4!

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First showrunner Ryan Murphy told us McKinley would be a "realistic" high school and Glee seniors would be graduated off into the world. Next Ryan told us some of our favorite Glee characters (and actors) would be graduated off the show. Then co-creator Brad Falchuk says nobody's going anywhere.

Grr. Another day in Glee paradise.

FOX has just given us an update (which Ryan Murphy confirmed) that the recently rumored Glee spinoff series for Finn (Cory Monteith), Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Rachel (Lea Michele) is a no-go at the network. But this does not mean that our seniors are gone for good. No, really. Kevin Reilly, entertainment president of FOX, has released a statement:

“We’re graduating the characters that are arcing toward graduation,” said said Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly. “What’s come out of it is [creator Ryan Murphy] has come up with a really cool idea. There will not be a Glee spinoff. But those characters will graduate and that’s led to a really interesting idea that I think will give us something to dig into next season, and it [starts with] the spring batch of episodes. That’s all I can say about it now.”

It's been said that Lea Michele will for sure reprise her role as Rachel Berry, and it's likely other senior favorites, like Santana (Naya Rivera) will be returning next season too. Although things are still left up in the air for poor Mark Salling (Noah Puckerman), who does say that he would love to come back in season 4 should he be asked.

Meanwhile, Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans) and newcomer from The Glee Project, Damian McGinty (Rory Flanagan) would love to make a comeback as well, and Damian seems pretty hopeful, considering he's past his initial seven-episode run already. I'd be psyched about that, have to have more of that Sam and Rory bromance!

So, what "really cool idea" do you think Ryan Murphy has waiting in the wings for his seniors?

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