Song Spoilers: Mother-Daughter "Poker Face"...for Rachel & Shelby?

Song Spoilers: Mother-Daughter "Poker Face"...for Rachel & Shelby?

Everyone's been going crazy trying to make heads or tails out of the rumored mother-daughter relationship between Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Vocal Adrenaline coach, Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel). Unfortunately, now co-creator Ryan Murphy has made that even more difficult, as revealed in this short interview with Kristin Dos Santos of Watch with Kristin - SPOILERS AHEAD:

While talking about the Lady Gaga episode they're shooting, Murphy revealed: "Lea and Idina Menzel will do an acoustic version of 'Poker Face' that [Lady Gaga] blessed and that she wanted us to do. It's sort of like a stripped-down mother-daughter 'Poker Face' that Lady Gaga was involved in."

As my jaw unhinged, I eeked back to Ryan: "Mother-daughter?!"

"Yes. Really. If you listen to the lyrics, it kind of works," Murphy responded. "She can't love anybody…It works. Listen to the lyrics again."

Whether Ryan Murphy means the "mother-daughter" comment literally or figuratively (Rachel could use a female role model!), we'll be finding out when the "Lady Gaga episode" rolls around.

Source: E! Online