Song Spoilers (Besides Madonna)

Song Spoilers (Besides Madonna)

So we already know about the Madonna episode coming up in 2010, but you're probably wondering what other performances are in store for the Glee cast. TV Guide has some inside information on what songs to look forward to in the future.


Any hints about songs coming up on Glee? — Mason
MICKEY: My personal favorite is a rather soulful rendition of a scream-tastic Billy Idol hit. (Yes, I said soulful.) But you'll also hear songs by the Rolling Stones and Van Halen, according to Mark Salling, who plays Puck. Plus, one source tells me that after the Madonna-centric episode in early 2010, the show will do the same with the music of Michael Jackson. Hee-hee!

TV Guide also released a video to go along with their "Mega Buzz" scoop (Glee-related question falls at #2):

Source: Dailymotion


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