Some Major Changes for Glee Season 3

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June 25, 2011

One of which the Gleek-o-sphere has already been buzzing about for a bit – Ryan Murphy’s McKinley High graduation plans. Come the end of season 3, the seniors of the Glee cast will be making their exits…but this also paves the way for some new characters, as we’re already anticipating with The Glee Project on Oxygen this summer:

“It wasn’t really just a talent competition but also a personality competition,” Ryan Murphy explains. “Show us who you are. Let me see as many facets to you as I can. Let me be inspired by that. And thus create a character which shows off quite frankly not just the best of who you are but also your flaws.”

More on The Glee Project winner (not revealed, just the scoop…), and more season 3 spoilers, right here:

  • The official season 3 premiere date has been announced! Mark your calendars and set your DVRs for Tuesday, September 20!
  • There will be no special guest stars or tribute episodes this season, so the writers (in case you missed it, Glee now has a full-fledged writing staff!) can focus on the characters and story (all I can say is, ’bout time…). Well, except for maybe just one tribute, one that Ryan Murphy says he’s been working on for quite a while. It’s a big-name artist, so should be exciting.
  • Sue will have a 20-episode arc dedicated solely to her (which I’m guessing will be a sub-plot, which is cool). But she won’t just be plotting to destroy the glee club as is the norm – she’ll be moving on to frying bigger fish, as she zeroes in on none other than the U.S. government and runs for Congress. Watch for some flag burning, or at least some quippy Ian Brennan-Sue-dialouge talk of flag burning (admit it, that would be awesome). Oh, and she’ll apparently abhor one of the new McKinley students (our The Glee Project winner, oh no!)
  • According to Ryan Murphy, our Glee Project winner is not who we’d expect – which really makes me stop and wonder. Of course I’ve had my favorite contestant picked out from the get-go, but in my opinion any one of those kids could potentially be Glee material. Read the full interview with Ryan Murphy here via TV Line for all the Glee Project lowdown.
  • A portion of the season 3 storyline will be for Santana dealing with her Lebanese (ha! couldn’t resist) – but it won’t be similar to Kurt’s story, and not everyone will exactly be as accepting of her as Brittany.
  • Ryan Murphy has confirmed that there were never any plans to create a New York spin-off with Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) – but he also didn’t say that he never would…*hint-hint*. Although I totally agree with him about not keeping them on the show. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lea and Chris both to death, but I like that Ryan’s decided to keep it realistic. I also think the original cast should be entitled to move and pursue other projects because they’re all so awesomely talented.

Jump to the comments and share your thoughts! What do you think about graduating our senior characters? I don’t know about you, but I’m a little confused about who’s a senior and who’s not. I know Sam’s not…Darren’s either a junior or a senior, not sure on that one…we know Rachel and Finn will both be seniors…. I’ll let you guys get to that in the comments.

Source: Zap2It, Entertainment Weekly, BuddyTV, TV Guide

  • Evika_tdl

    I’d like them to have an special season during summer, and they could go to a summer camp and also they could meet new characters.

  • Abc

    NOO, i dont want any of them to leave! it will just ruin the show since pple are so atatched to the characters. i dont want an entire new set of students to come in… :’(

  • Zoeyz45

    why not just bring some new characters in this season as younger students-that way the Glee Club can compete without worrying about any members leaving or moving or any of that.That way the fans have time to adjust to some of the Season 4 cast and then just bring in the other people when they’re needed when season 4 starts?I’ve been saying that from the beginning.Like take the top three people of The Glee Project and for Season 3 give the winner the bigger role for example

  • asian gleek

    i think that lea, quinn, santana, brittany, tina, mercedes, kurt, finn, puck, mike, artie are going to be seniors this coming season. saw some of them together in classroom scenes. am not sure about lauren and sam.

    i don’t like any of them leaving. why not let mr.schue pursue his dream and go to new york with some of the graduating characters. then the graduating characters would also talk to the others to go study with them so they can all be together.

  • Serge

    They should make a spin-off for Sue ! 

  • Lollyb95


  • Abc

    I don’t want any of them to leave. Without the original cast,it’s not glee anymore!
    I am sure Quinn is senior, but I don’t want to see her leaving.She’s my favorite character.

  • Shizam-man

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rachel shouldn’t stay with Finn!!! They make the worst couple EVER!!! Finn’s waaaaay too good for Rachel coz she’s a cucumber!!!!! She’s so cheesy!!!!!

  • shizam-man

    i kno!! shes awesome

  • Roseovalle

    i will say that after this season i will definitely not watch anymore. i am one who needs closure. and to say that can not do college will lets just say does anybody remember Dawson’s Creek.

  • Navi12345

    No man is too good for a woman.

  • Navi12345

    I’m not sure if I’ll continue to watch it if the characters leave. I’m so attached to all of them, especially Kurt, Santana and Brittany. They’re my three faves!

  • Eliward319

    Why can’t the show follow each students college journey? Most of them will pursue music programs. It should lead up to them competing against each other in the college showchoir circuit. I agree with whoever mentioned the success of following the dawsons creek crew to college.

  • bolivs

    I don’t think Rach should be with Finn… but i want Quinn & Puck together. Puck & Lauren looks way out there for me at the moment! Not cool… anyways please don’t change the original cast. Bring new ones in to develop their characters but i like the original cast better. Make Rach go… hahahahaha i’m kidding!!! :( I’m going to be sad if they take away the original cast crew :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • Goula

    I will refuse to watch the show if rachel leaves.

  • Dorell023

    What about Matthew Morrison? Thats kinda the only reason I watch the show. 

  • Fsaklfjs

    ugh i really don’t want puck getting off the show. he definitely spiced things up with his so-called “bad-ass-ness” and was really funny to watch.

  • madison

    kurt and puck need to stay…i’m going to cry when they leave. rachel’s really talented though so those three are def the ones that i’ll miss the most

  • Bryce C. Frisher

    If anyone watches “A Night of Neglect” Hollie Holiday is teaching a class that has Brittany, SAM, Finn, and some others. So that is why I’m confused on why Ryan says that he’s returning as a junior.  Plus, he went to JUNIOR prom?

  • Arevfb

    omfg sam’s not in season 3! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • littlehousefan

    As Rachel and Mercedes’ date. They had classes together but different year students can take the same classes


    as long as Finn, Puck, Kurt, Santana, Britany, Rachel and Quin stay im okay, if they dont i will cry! and im not that botherd about the other leaving such as Sam, lauren ect x

  • logan

    They should do the summer season or something. T.V. shows are only good with the original characters. So after season 3 i have a feeling the show will drop. They better have a good plot with the new characters to stop that of happening.

  • triccieps

    Yeah summer camp, spring break, christmas break.  Those in betweens…

  • triccieps

    Agree!!!  It will be so hard to see them leave.  Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • Pucklberry4life


  • Tasha

    I don’t really want to the Seniors of Glee Club leaving the show after graduate ! Like, they’re make Glee fun! Finn, Rachel, Puck, Kurt! I want the original first cast last ’till the end of all Glee Seasons :((

  • Tasha

    They make the cutest couple ever! 

  • Jazz

    Let’s be real here: Rachel’s dream is to be a star, so no surprise if she runs of to make her Broadway wish come true. Same goes for Kurt. Above all, they can’t stay on high school forever, none of them. Well maybe Brittany.. but I wouldn’t mind that cause she’s my fav.

    New talent, new interesting characters, can’t be that bad.

    Is Sunshine coming back to New Directions? Last episode she didn’t seem happy in Vocal Adrenaline – and otherwise she will go back to Vietnam? Can’t let that happen. ;)

  • Reece-m-

    chris cant have a spin off i love him too much and it would not be the same with out out fave gay musicain

  • K Rolph

    i think they should do a season 4 where they start college and work and stuff

  • samuelw

    I think that it’d be great if they keep the current glee cast, they’re the ones who actualy started off this amazing phenomenon. The characters they have at the moment are so unique and one-of-a-kind that i think if new characters were introduced then it will kind of ruin the show in a way. What kind of new characters can they introduce with they’re own special storyline that aren’t copy’s or re-makes of the original characters?

  • SouthernHemmy

    Why cant season 2 be a bad dream for Mr. Shue and the kids are still juniors?? One big show of the past did it so why can’t Glee make last season just a that a bad dream and the new writing staff could pick up from season 1 when the show was actually good….

  • Spark

    He might stay to re-do some stuff cos of bad grades…. I could see that happening.

  • Dee

    I don’t want Chris to leave Glee! :(

  • Dance_princess

    omg no if lea and chris leave im not watching it anymore!

  • Lil_koori_hottie

    i think that sam should stay ! and rachel puk fin quin kurt santana and britney are seniors

  • Lil_koori_hottie

    i think that sam should stay ! and rachel puk fin quin kurt santana and britney are seniors

  • anonymous

    I think people need to leave to keep the show moving forward but if they break Finn and Rachel up again and only get them back together at the very end of the season I will scream! Although I do love glee and the characters as they are, it needs to move on eventually but they should only keep it going if it’s actually still good and if not round it off well :)

  • crazy88


  • Eboyrocks18

    I want blaine to transfer to New Directions!!!

  • XxCuteLollipopxX

    it won’t be the same…. i don’t want to watch glee anymore :/

  • guest

    She’s the bomb!

  • klaineforever

    I have already began crying i just ADOREEEE KURT!!!

  • Guest

    I agree – Blaine is HAAAWWWWWTTTT.

  • Gleekyy

    puck, rachel and kurt are leaving!!! THIS IS SO SAD!! Glee wont be glee without them :( i can almost swear i wont like the new characters as much :S 

  • #1 Gleek of All Time!

    HOPEFULLY brittani cant graduate and have to do ANOTHER year in glee !! and i wsh quinn and puck didnt have to go !! they make a great couple are my fave characters !!!!!! :(

  • Michaela Lintott

    i absolutely 100% agree! i LOVE puck and quinn.. and i seriously dont like rachel and finn.. rachel is to cheesy and so ‘im better than all of you’, and finn is kinda a wimp… :)

  • John Michael M. Ministerio

    if possible, don’t wanna see someone going out… :(

    love ‘em all already…. :(

  • xPhoenixKnight

    They so should just go to college and join a glee club there ¬¬

  • Chelseaw522

    i hate her character and rachels do love kurt and finn though :) 

  • Isabella Haven

    I really don’t care what happens as long as we get Quinn&Puck back together!! GR. Is Ryan Murphy&the writers blind to see that the characters are meant to be together!

  • Soccercat

    i’m glad that he’s having them leave, even though it won’t be the same w/o them. it won’t be like one of those stupid shows who the characters stay the same age forever. it will be kind of like degrassi in that way:) and if it’s still going strong in a couple of years then who knows… they may come back and teach the new glee kids:)

  • channelle

    it would be weird watching it with different characters and i hope they’ll be able to keep it as good as what it is now! i think they should do a full tribute show to michael jackson instead of just a few songs, and maybe meatloaf aswell.. :)

  • kc

    Psycked for season 3. Ryan better find some freggin amazing people to take the place of Lea, Cory, and Chris for season 4.

  • kc

    Psycked for season 3. Ryan better find some freggin amazing people to take the place of Lea, Cory, and Chris for season 4.



  • alicia haycock


  • Charmed_nerd06

    i think that if they get rid of some of the best singers and caracher favorites, the show will become less popular. they really should find a way to keep the big ones like rachel and finn and just have them in college in some way that way noone throws a fit about losing character and it lends weigh to a new set and a new story line.

  • Huntr

    Give Figgins a new pot of money and hire Finn as assistant football coach and Rachel as Shue’s assistant, a sub-plot in it’s own.

  • Brooke

    I’m just really looking forward to see Santana Lopez she’s a G ! 

  • Dnm1807

    The whole point of the show is to not give a crap what people think so puck n lauren r awesome rachel n fine r fine. The message obviously didnt sink in for some of us

  • Dnm1807

    people people some optimism please! The idea of this show in general is awesome. We all grow up and move on dont we? So y cant the cast?Give the show a chance! I will always love this show bc I heart music and the message of the show. Actors r but that and there r a ton of good ones out there! True gleek here!

  • Fredwil

    OMG!can’t wait for season 3 and please more Kurt and Blaine love story!Like duh!They’re so great and gives me goosebumps!They’re fantastic! :))))

  • RyleyEmenaker

    In seson 1, Rachel says shes a sophomore, Kurt was driving in the first episode so i thought he was a Junior in Season 1, Until Finn and Kurt move it together and Kurt says that they will be bullied for the next 3 years, making the 2 of them Sophomores, and since Noah is Finns best friend, you assume he is a sophomore, Quinn mentions at one point that shes 16 and had a kid, which then you assume shes a sophomore in season 1, Santana and Britney being her best friends, You assume they are sophomores in season 1,

  • Ryley James Emenaker

    You can get rid of them, as long as they have good new incoming cast, also, each season is 22 episodes making the main cast at 66 total, if they sign on to a 70 episode contract, that gives them 4 episodes of special apperances in season 4

  • Ryley James Emenaker

    that will be dumb, Finn want to play in College, and Rachel want to be on broadway, If they dont do that, the whole show will fall, that 2 main people just fail on their dreams

  • Ryley James Emenaker

    I think In the last Season, the last few episodes should be Mr.Schue leaving to finally leaving for his dream

  • Ryley James Emenaker

    Sue should have more webisodes, those are so funny

  • Ryley James Emenaker

    What about Blaine, If hes a year younger than Kurt then maybe we can see Kurt around

  • Ryley James Emenaker

    yea but we dont need Dagrassi shit either, following the cast from middle school through out college, and then they are just like oh btw all the cast members have younger brothers and sisters, and you follow them through college, and all of them have younger brothers and sisters, like really, you had 3 kids each 8-10 years appart, then the next set of cast is the first casts kids, come on, we need to say goodbye and aslong as they bring enough characters this season and give them big enough roles so we can love them, when they get rid of this cast, we will be good to go with the new cast

  • Joorpokerface

    You are right. If you are a true fan I would believe that the message of the show would have more meaning than just the actors. I like me some Puck too, but even I know that you have to move on. Have faith people. None of the new people so far have dispointed. Sam or Blaine, anyone? The Glee people know what they are doing. Plus, they have tons on new writers now. RELAX!

  • ILoveGLEE! :D

    I’m sad… Rachel and Finn were my favorite! People are too attached to the characters for them to just get up and leave, I don’t like that idea. But it is good that Ryan Murphey wants it to be realistic.
    I’m indifferent…

  • Avrilkkk

    I think its cool. The characters move on with their lives thus the show does too. Its a challenge, yes. But the show is all about high school! Writers can’t just keep them to stick around just like that! It seems like a forced plot just to please the audience. In my opinion, the best way to keep them, is on a spin-off series, though the scripts and the plots will have to be a lot more mature… Also, I love new characters! Its fun to not know what to expect. I mean, we’ve already had ‘broadway divas’ and ‘jocks’ and things like that! Why not having some nerd in or some wierd hippie or something? I like the unexpected.

  • Binxxy


  • Binxxy


  • Ultraviolet596

    i really dont care about rachel leaving but kurt</3 that actually breaks my heart:(

  • kk

    they are defo getting rid of racheal, fin and kurt in season 3 :( theyr moving on to bigger and better things. I cant wait for it to start, its going to be fantastic esp with the newbies starting too

  • kk

    they are defo getting rid of racheal, fin and kurt in season 3 :( theyr moving on to bigger and better things. I cant wait for it to start, its going to be fantastic esp with the newbies starting too

  • cutiegleeluvr

    umm what?!?!?!?! i love kurt and rachel so much!!!!!!! the show will be nothing without them!!!!!!!!! also i think cameron should win the glee project(: but also september 20 is too long to wait)”"”: