Some Major Changes for Glee Season 3

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June 25, 2011

One of which the Gleek-o-sphere has already been buzzing about for a bit – Ryan Murphy’s McKinley High graduation plans. Come the end of season 3, the seniors of the Glee cast will be making their exits…but this also paves the way for some new characters, as we’re already anticipating with The Glee Project on Oxygen this summer:

“It wasn’t really just a talent competition but also a personality competition,” Ryan Murphy explains. “Show us who you are. Let me see as many facets to you as I can. Let me be inspired by that. And thus create a character which shows off quite frankly not just the best of who you are but also your flaws.”

More on The Glee Project winner (not revealed, just the scoop…), and more season 3 spoilers, right here:

  • The official season 3 premiere date has been announced! Mark your calendars and set your DVRs for Tuesday, September 20!
  • There will be no special guest stars or tribute episodes this season, so the writers (in case you missed it, Glee now has a full-fledged writing staff!) can focus on the characters and story (all I can say is, ’bout time…). Well, except for maybe just one tribute, one that Ryan Murphy says he’s been working on for quite a while. It’s a big-name artist, so should be exciting.
  • Sue will have a 20-episode arc dedicated solely to her (which I’m guessing will be a sub-plot, which is cool). But she won’t just be plotting to destroy the glee club as is the norm – she’ll be moving on to frying bigger fish, as she zeroes in on none other than the U.S. government and runs for Congress. Watch for some flag burning, or at least some quippy Ian Brennan-Sue-dialouge talk of flag burning (admit it, that would be awesome). Oh, and she’ll apparently abhor one of the new McKinley students (our The Glee Project winner, oh no!)
  • According to Ryan Murphy, our Glee Project winner is not who we’d expect – which really makes me stop and wonder. Of course I’ve had my favorite contestant picked out from the get-go, but in my opinion any one of those kids could potentially be Glee material. Read the full interview with Ryan Murphy here via TV Line for all the Glee Project lowdown.
  • A portion of the season 3 storyline will be for Santana dealing with her Lebanese (ha! couldn’t resist) – but it won’t be similar to Kurt’s story, and not everyone will exactly be as accepting of her as Brittany.
  • Ryan Murphy has confirmed that there were never any plans to create a New York spin-off with Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) – but he also didn’t say that he never would…*hint-hint*. Although I totally agree with him about not keeping them on the show. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lea and Chris both to death, but I like that Ryan’s decided to keep it realistic. I also think the original cast should be entitled to move and pursue other projects because they’re all so awesomely talented.

Jump to the comments and share your thoughts! What do you think about graduating our senior characters? I don’t know about you, but I’m a little confused about who’s a senior and who’s not. I know Sam’s not…Darren’s either a junior or a senior, not sure on that one…we know Rachel and Finn will both be seniors…. I’ll let you guys get to that in the comments.

Source: Zap2It, Entertainment Weekly, BuddyTV, TV Guide

  • Gege

    i honestly don’t think that all of the original cast is graduating because face the facts brittany is getting what? strait Fs? and they would lose like all the fans

  • robster-lobster

    i think that they should graduate…and start a new glee club..and bring them back as mentors for the regionals..etc…to help them,
    hope there is more mash ups and less original, as to me i didnt feel it the same….

  • Gleek101

    It’s bound to be sad but I agree with you in that I think it’s a smart move to make the characters graduate and keep it realistic. It’s only fair to let the actors/actresses pursue other works and, like it is with us, it will still be with them for the rest of their lives.
    Just because the cast graduates doesn’t mean that Glee needs to end. Of course we love all the current characters but that doesn’t mean that we can’t like new characters, they were all new to begin with at the start anyway.
    I’m super excited for the new season, it’s going to be epic, I’m sure!

  • Wiggy_Fashions

    i for sure agree on the idea of keeping everything realistic and not keeping the graduating characters as part of the show, ONLY if there is a clear end to their story as part of Glee…i.e. relationship status, future plans etc…

  • Wrinkles13

    Technically Mercedes should be graduating too. In the prom episode she mentions that it’s her junior prom. so next season she is her senior year. Also I am so sad he’s having Kurt graduate. I think he could of stayed in one more year. He looks young enough! Unlike Finn and Puck who are like 28 in real life now

  • Pia Sandum

    Rachel should follow her dream about being on Brodway. I think it would be a wonderful oppertunity to make an episode where the “new” Glee club visits her in New York. Finn should go to college and play fotball. If he chooses music before sports it will be like the third High School Musical movie. Not very original! Kurt will end his relationship with Blane and move to Europe. Maybe France or Italy because of his interests in fashion. People likes Blane, so he should be a part of the “new” Glee club.

    My point is: Except from Blain, Mike, Sue and Mr. Schue, it’s nice to get some new meat. I absolutelly love The Glee Project and are curious about who will be the winner. Please create a original character that can light up our Gleeworld and help us through the pain of loosing so many brilliant people.

  • Veronica

    I kinda agree with you, but Ryan Murphay wants to be realistic. Although Rachel is an amazing talent, the chances of her getting onto Broadway right after she graduates is very  unrealistic. But i agree with Fin playing college football..  But i do think it would be a good idea to have Rachel as Shue’s assistant

  • Realistic

    It’s hardly unrealistic since Lea Michele herself has been on Broadway, an unrealistic plot turn woukd be Rachel giving up her dreams and staying in Lima as that completely defys three seasons of character development.

  • English1992998

    no, the characters have to go to keep it realistic, every show needs to progress and unfortunatly that does mean losing favorite characters but new ones come and go and we all have a new favorite, it cant just follow the lives of some, or the show will die out

  • staceyswailes

    I think bringing in a new cast is a dangerous move! I think it will lose a lot of viewers. And its such a shame because Brittany and Santana are only just getting to shine. I don’t understand why they weren’t main characters from the start? but on the other hand There in there last year at high school.. I don’t see how they could possibly stay on longer!? Its sad to see them go so early. Everybody will always love the original cast the most that’s the case with everything.. like Wicked.. Kristen and Idina they were the original and the best! because it was them characters that made the show.The actors made us fall in love with them if that makes sence. Its going to be very hard to live up to the original cast and i doubt that anyone will. but fingers crossed I’m wrong!

  • guest

    I think it’s about time some characters graduated, and I think more should. For the Prom episode, they all were apparently juniors, meaning that, if Glee was actually a consistent show (as if), they all would be graduating this spring. Mind you, I don’t think we should lose the entire cast. But I do think it would be more realistic if maybe six of them graduated. I mean, Puck barely looks college-age, never mind like a high school student. In real life, people are constantly coming and going through school. Characters should not remain frozen in time indefinitely.

  • Dexter_love_haplo

    Ryan murphy said at the comic con that graduating the glee stars doesn’t mean they will leave the show, also Sam was sales back but he refused to come back so no Chord/ Sam season 3

  • Aisabookworm

    I wish they’d bring Quinn and Puck back together and shiw some uodates on beth. It’s clear that they belong together. Sooooo cute. So sad that this is they’re last season, i just love them.

  • Elisa Read

    they should have a spin off here we go bare with me rach goes to ny with kirk finn drops everything to follow here quinn meets up with puck at a club his band is playing a very successful band  this would be 6 or 7 months after graduation and have crossover eisodes to keep it all together since the others are still at highschool only these should graduate

  • RachelBerryfan#1!!


  • Hannah-ingrid

    If Lea and Cory is gone after season 3, then i’m not watching anymore..And i know about so many other people who will do the same.

  • Hannah-ingrid

    If Lea and Cory is gone after season 3, then i’m not watching anymore..And i know about so many other people who will do the same.

  • Sky12

    I think that they should obviously have Lea go to NY like she attended to do but fastfoward to a year and have her decide that she wanted to be the assistant glee coach person. And have Finn stay as the assistant ftball coach. Yes that would be perfect!

  • juanathon

    i think sam should win the glee project, alex is too flamboyantly gay kurts already there for that, hes also black, already got that, and hes annoyingly confident already got that, hannah cant dance and theres already two fat ppl, mercedes and xices, lindsey is a b**** already got that, and a skank, santana check, damian would be good also, but i think sam should win

  • Gleek


  • Keeks

    God, hasn’t there been a Broadway musical since Spring Awakening that young people really liked?! That was like 4 years ago. Lea is enormously talented, but a fresh face is needed. How many episodes will there be with someone telling her character she’s talented? How about they put some Asians in who can sing and not just dance or be goths (I vote the kid who made up the serenade for Alexandra Wallace “Ching Chong Means I Love You”) Or a black boy who can sing like Trey Songz and Dance like Chris Brown as opposed to a slightly stereotypical “Diva” black girl. Also, I agree with the person who called for more mash-ups. Some of the most memorable episodes were those ones because they were original. Also, Finn obviously loves to perform and sing, why should he necessarily get a scholarship for football? Didn’t Emma suggest he join Glee in season 1 for a performing arts scholarship?  

  • Rukiauzumi

    I’m Lebanese -_- I hate how glee turned a nationality into a gender preference… They really didnt have to do that :/ and neither did the writer of this article
    To tell you the truth, I am offended. Thanks glee :) I’ll be sure to watch you more now

  • Padilla Marizol

    Wahh! i wont watch the show anymore  if finn and rachelle will have no appearance anymore! they are the reason why I watch the show. It so sad reading that news!;<

  • Padilla Marizol

    Nice Suggestion! Hope they will consider it..

  • Padilla Marizol

    Your right, hope they will realize that..;(

  • Sara

    tina , mercedes artie mike like those kind of people are not seniors

  • emma

    i really like glee

  • Tay118118

    I think they should have more episodes of blaine and kurt in!!!

  • Me

    Here’s my opinion – Rachel, Finn, Puck, Quinn, Mike, Kurt, Brittany and Santana are seniors, while Tina, Mercedes & Artie are juniors. 
    I’m not sure about Zizes and Blaine though…

    I think as long as this series has a good ending, we’ll be able to say goodbye to the seniors fairly easily – so lets hope the new writing team is worthwhile! :)

  • Medzkamad

    i love glee club,” wish to be one of the cast.
    i love all the cast but its hard to accept that other cast will change.
     i know there’s a lot of amazing surprises to see on the next episode… I’m meddie kamad a big fan of the GLEE CLUB, more power to all of us..

  • ain0

    I’m sooooo waiting for the season 3 !! Oh man!<3

  • guest

    I really want them to do a spin off with Brittany and Santana! That would be awesome :D

  • Butlersays

    The characters work together as a group beautifully and if you destroy the group by having some graduate and some stay behind…essentially the show will be killed. I think that this show should end with a BANGING graduation performance and end the show as a GREAT series rather than keep it going like degrassi and kill it along the way making it non-legendary and NOT a classic.

  • No#1Gleek


  • No#1Gleek

    your fucked!

  • Kaja

    Before I read about Leah was leaving glee I was kind of thinking that she would go directly to new york, get cast in a small role, get another small role, but she really wants to become something big. (but we havent ssen her before episode 15 or something she would come to mr. schuester and tells her story to the glee club and becomes co-director for the gleeclub(like Jessie was) but I dont know, that could work for chris to:P)

  • Kaja

    thats why gossipgirl is not cool. I still thinks someone should do a guestappereance to keep the fans alive, bu make us love someone else to! (i love mike chang and blaine now, but brittany is also someone i love, so I have some favourits)

  • Raxcay03

    BRITTANA rocks!!!! Soooo excited to watch season 3 … soooo LEBANESE

  • firework12345678

    so sad that kurts leaving!!!! loved his story with blaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alsooo reaalllyyy sad that its moving to sky which i dont have :-(

  • Italian_spider

    I would have to say for realistic reasons the seniors (leaving cast) should be Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Kurt, Puck, Mike…. it would leave some great talent to focus on such as Mercedes, Santana, Artie, Sam as well as give room for some new talent. 

  • Camelsaresoawesome

    they have to keep finn and rachel they are my absolute favs

  • Camelsaresoawesome

    i totally agree they are my favorites

  • Elziebrigden

    Are they getting rid of puck or artie in this one?

  • Gleek1o1

    I dont want quinn, santana or rachel to leave i really like rachel and santana and quinn is my favorite charachter too

  • Gleek1o1

    i agree , everybody loves the charchters but they need to go u cant just go with them all through there lives and the people that will fill there spot will problly get attached to you to but they will probelly need to away someday so just suck it up and move on and dont just stop wathin the show cause somebody u liked is graduating and leaving the show

  • Tibby 19

    I love Brittany & Santana & I will hate to see the characters go but eventually we will get bored of the same characters coming out with the same witty remarks. It will def be hard to say goodbye to these characters but new ones will come and we will love them for something different. I guess it’s gonna be like Skins. But maybe at some point (like skins) they could make a Glee movie (not the concert documentry kind) & bring the original characters back for a bit :D Who knows maybe this IS a good thing <3

  • sunshine

    im with you in this one… THEY SHOULDN”T LEAVE,,,,, it’ll just make the show BORING…….

  • sunshine

    that’s a good idea.. have them come in as freshmens… and let the seniors show them the rope.. that way when the big adjustment comes for them to graduate it will be easier on the fans…….. and the show won’t be that boring……

  • JustElenaAkaLenny

    i agree but they could just introduce the new characters at the beginning of the new series then when the time comes to the original characters leaving the audience would already have come to love the new characters and their own talents. x 

  • JustElenaAkaLenny

    hay anyway we, the audience were never told what year the students were in anyway, so how are we supposed to know they need to graduate they could just stay and carry on until some other show takes the lime lite and glee ends gracefully without making to much of a fuss, taking away the characters that made glee so successful in the beginning will create up raw and potentially loss the show viewers, the writers should think tactfully about how to make the characters seem younger than their actors age rather than plunging them into very adult situations like in the last season there they were faced with alcohol and sex, i’m not saying that these subjects shouldn’t have been covered but they should spreed them out so they don’t all come at once, this probably would make it better for younger viewers, as they can grow with the characters as the grow too. 

  • Tee

    ORRRR! Lea could try for Broadway, fail, and go back to Lima, only to be later discovered!

  • Meg Moretti

    Blaine was supposed to be one year older than kurt but they changed that so they will both be graduating this season

  • Finchel_jigs

    i would be happy if the glee cast love story is a happy ever after…. like for example,FINCHEL!!!!!!!!

  • hollieann

    Blaine is supposed to be a senior this year, as in season 2 he was referred to as a junior. Buttttt I have a feeling they might glaze over that and find a way to keep him seeing as he’s only just become a series regular.

  • Majeana

    hi i have watched glee since it started, but wht got me 2 watch it wasnt the characters it was the singing. if u got some good singing n dancing the ppl will flock 2 it. thats whts hot now, 2 me glee is something like SAVED BY THE BELL n look how well that went. it would b great 2 let them graduate but u can also have them still apart of glee. they do have college glee clubs or maybe they can join 2gether out of school n have their own show choir, that would b nice 2 see. i also watched glee project and cnt wait 2 see them on the show. i already seen lindsey cnt wait 2 see the others. the producers n writers have already set the stage for these new stars from glee project 2 come n b the new glee club so most of the viewers r just waiting 4 that 2 happen. but i think ryan is doing a great thing wit letting rachel fin santana n kurt graduate..but u still have blain britney cause she dumb n she got set back, n mike n mercedese those r all good singers add them n the new kids 2gheter who wouldnt love glee. so thats my opion….make them graduate n still be a part of the show as a competing show choir…. 

  • Monica

    I’m glad they’re taking a
    realistic turn with the show and its cat members; it always bothered me when
    characters are forever stuck in the same grade. I’m such a Gleek; I
    always get so wrapped up in the drama of the show. I don’t know what I would do
    if I couldn’t watch Glee. I feel bad for all the DirecTV customers who have
    been put in the middle of their dispute with FOX. If
    I didn’t already work for and have DISH, I’d switch just to avoid losing my

  • Penny

    kind of off the subject, but GLEE is not funny any more! Thought is was supposed to be a comedy! It used to make us laugh. Not any more. Just DRAMA! EVEN the slushie has turned into drama. What’s up with that???

  • Penny

    kind of off the subject, but GLEE is not funny any more! Thought is was supposed to be a comedy! It used to make us laugh. Not any more. Just DRAMA! EVEN the slushie has turned into drama. What’s up with that???


    i dont want any of them to leave :(