Some Major Changes for Glee Season 3

Some Major Changes for Glee Season 3

One of which the Gleek-o-sphere has already been buzzing about for a bit - Ryan Murphy's McKinley High graduation plans. Come the end of season 3, the seniors of the Glee cast will be making their exits...but this also paves the way for some new characters, as we're already anticipating with The Glee Project on Oxygen this summer:

“It wasn’t really just a talent competition but also a personality competition,” Ryan Murphy explains. “Show us who you are. Let me see as many facets to you as I can. Let me be inspired by that. And thus create a character which shows off quite frankly not just the best of who you are but also your flaws.”

More on The Glee Project winner (not revealed, just the scoop...), and more season 3 spoilers, right here:

  • The official season 3 premiere date has been announced! Mark your calendars and set your DVRs for Tuesday, September 20!
  • There will be no special guest stars or tribute episodes this season, so the writers (in case you missed it, Glee now has a full-fledged writing staff!) can focus on the characters and story (all I can say is, 'bout time...). Well, except for maybe just one tribute, one that Ryan Murphy says he's been working on for quite a while. It's a big-name artist, so should be exciting.
  • Sue will have a 20-episode arc dedicated solely to her (which I'm guessing will be a sub-plot, which is cool). But she won't just be plotting to destroy the glee club as is the norm - she'll be moving on to frying bigger fish, as she zeroes in on none other than the U.S. government and runs for Congress. Watch for some flag burning, or at least some quippy Ian Brennan-Sue-dialouge talk of flag burning (admit it, that would be awesome). Oh, and she'll apparently abhor one of the new McKinley students (our The Glee Project winner, oh no!)
  • According to Ryan Murphy, our Glee Project winner is not who we'd expect - which really makes me stop and wonder. Of course I've had my favorite contestant picked out from the get-go, but in my opinion any one of those kids could potentially be Glee material. Read the full interview with Ryan Murphy here via TV Line for all the Glee Project lowdown.
  • A portion of the season 3 storyline will be for Santana dealing with her Lebanese (ha! couldn't resist) - but it won't be similar to Kurt's story, and not everyone will exactly be as accepting of her as Brittany.
  • Ryan Murphy has confirmed that there were never any plans to create a New York spin-off with Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) - but he also didn't say that he never would...*hint-hint*. Although I totally agree with him about not keeping them on the show. Don't get me wrong, I love Lea and Chris both to death, but I like that Ryan's decided to keep it realistic. I also think the original cast should be entitled to move and pursue other projects because they're all so awesomely talented.

Jump to the comments and share your thoughts! What do you think about graduating our senior characters? I don't know about you, but I'm a little confused about who's a senior and who's not. I know Sam's not...Darren's either a junior or a senior, not sure on that one...we know Rachel and Finn will both be seniors.... I'll let you guys get to that in the comments.

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