Some Gleeky Goodness: Extra Spoilers

Some Gleeky Goodness: Extra Spoilers

Did you know I was one of those Kurtsies who first spotted the "Parent Trap" possibility looming up ahead for Finn's "single" mom and Kurt's "single" dad? Keyword there being "single". You just knew the gears in Kurt's brain were going to start moving soon, and judging by these spoilers, it's going to be within the next-couple-of-weeks-soon - SPOILERS AHEAD:

Nelson in Orlando, Fla.: What's the word on Glee?

The word is favorite. And that's all I can say about next week's episode, which is my favorite Glee episode of all time, the one after Madonna. Why? 'Cause it's emotional and just so well done. (Hear the twang twang of my heartstrings?) More scoop on that below. Also, I can tell you that next Monday, I will be hosting the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences panel session with the Glee cast and producers, because, according to my friends at Fox, Conan, Rosie and Joss Whedon weren't available. I'm pretty sure they were kidding, and if they weren't, there were about 50 other people they asked post-Joss and pre-me, but that hasn't stopped me from doing the Happy Snoopy Dance 24/7 since the invite! Send your questions for the cast and crew to me via Twitter @kristinalert, via email at, via the comments section below or via telepathy—though the former mediums might be

Brittany in Philadelphia: Gimme some Gleeky goodness, please.

Glee takes a serious turn following this week's Madge-tastic episode, in "Home." Look for some major body-image issues from Mercedes, the revelation of why Sue Sylvester is such a raging be-yotch (she hasn't eaten in decades!) and an intervention from an unlikely friend. Guesses? Also, that parental hookup we've been hearing so much about finally happens. And we have to say that we're loving Mike O'Malley even more as Kurt's dad. "It's like a diabolical Parent Trap if you will," Chris Colfer tells us of Finn's mom and Kurt's pops. "It's more clever than Parent Trap actually because we are creating love that was never there."

Apart from Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical” video with Sue, is there anything you can dish about ‘Glee’s fourth episode back, “Bad Reputation”? – Chris
In keeping with the episode’s title, “Pretty much every horrible, horrible song you can think of, we try to redo,” Chris Colfer (Kurt) told me. Sue and ONJ’s ‘Physical,” though, is the one to beat. “It’s hysterical,” declares Colfer.

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