Some Glee Surprises: Tackling New Relationships and More!

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December 15, 2010

Glee is so full of surprises. Like Lea Michele (Rachel) giving Chris Colfer (Kurt) a sneak attack during his interview with Kristin Dos Santos (Watch with Kristin). But there’s also a big Super Bowl surprise too, if you catch my drift.

I know, now you have to see this, right?

Check out the video interviews below with Chris Colfer and Lea Michele, as they spill the beans on relationships – including Finchel, Puckleberry, and Brittana – and of course, Klaine. Or Blurt. However you want to splice up Kurt/Blaine. Oh, and there’s probably going to be more members added fairly soon to the spectacular Hummel family, if Chris has anything to say about it:

Source: E! Online

  • Mel

    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! :( Puckelberry romance and being endgame will never happen :( Writers of the show, you’ve broken my Puckelberry heart :( Woe is me.

    On the bright side, love Lea’s and Chris’ friendship! And love that the cast members are having fun. Can’t wait for the superbowl ep!!!!

  • Michaela

    kurt is such a cutie :) i love the friendship between lea and kurt.. :) i love lea… i dont know what everyone is talking about her being snobbly.. she seems like such a sweetheart, and a fun person :)

  • AshleyOnggie


  • Izzyshepp101

    LOL, that was great! Lea and Chris’s friendship is adorable. It kinda reminds me of the new friendship that’s happening with their characters. In interviews Lea seems really sweet, but I actually know several people who had to work with her and one of them said that she would never work with her again. The other one said that when she was in Spring Awakening she was a sweetheart and then after all of the fame she became very snobby and full of herself. But I’m just hearing that second hand, lol. I haven’t actually met her.

  • Amberrose

    Oh my God, Chris Colfer is an AVPM Fan? My life is complete! That is epic!

  • Brittana please

    …Lea…you have broken my heart. :( I want Brittaaaanaaa!!! </3

    …well at least Brittana fans are being noticed. :}

  • completely agree with that

  • :’( Brittana

    Oh I agree with you :( Brittana!

  • Jenna Elyse Sujdak

    Julie Andrews needs to come on!!!

  • Stormylarson

    I know! I was shocked! EEK! I think if I knew Darren it’d be hard for me to NOT quote AVPM/S

  • Random

    this relationship needs to happen like we were promised!! I think even Naya and Heather want this relationship happening! Hmph. Its not like Bartie is THAT amazing, sure its cute but…we arleady have cute couples in there. Finchell (kinda not now i guess) and whatever shipping Quinn and Sam are. Suinn? Qam? Oh whatever. And Brittana could be the cutest/best thing in the show! *grumble*