Season Finale Spoilers: Emma Drops a Bombshell?

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May 17, 2010

Remember when Ausiello hinted that there wouldn’t be a whole lot of focus on Will and Emma’s relationship in the back nine? Well, that might be the case Wemma fans, but here’s a “pretty major” scoop for you involving the season finale:

Question: In last week’s Ask Ausiello, you bummed out the Wemma fans by saying there wouldn’t be a lot of Will and Emma in the remaining episodes of Glee. Now here’s the chance to make us smile — are there any Will/Emma developments on the horizon? —Amy
Yes, there’s a pretty major development coming up. According to a Glee insider, Emma drops a bombshell on Will in the June 8 season finale: There’s a new guy in her life! To find out who, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale now!

Source: Entertainment Weekly