Glee Season 6 Spoiler: Is Coach Roz Washington in New York?

Glee Season 6 Spoiler: Is Coach Roz Washington in New York?

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/ UPDATE: In another spoiler scoop, E! Online confirms again that NeNe Leaks will more than likely continue on the show as Coach Roz Washington.

There are so many changes coming to Glee in season six (new places, new faces and a time jump!) but there one star who is hoping one thing never changes: Coach Roz's sass! Glee's NeNe Leakes hopes that when she's done shimmying and shaking on Dancing with the Stars, she'll be able to reprise her role as the WMHS swim coach. "I love Coach Roz, she is an amazing character, and I'd love to continue to be Coach Roz," the Real Housewife spills. "I had an amazing run on Glee. I've been on there three seasons, and I get along with everyone there, so I'd like to see Coach Roz continue."


E! Online shared in a recent spoiler scoop that NeNe Leakes (Coach Roz Washington) confirms that we'll definitely be seeing her character next season on Glee.

Yeah, totally didn't expect that, did we?

A familiar face we'll definitely be seeing next season? NeNe Leakes! "Oh yeah, definitely," the Real Housewives star tells us of returning for the Fox hit's sixth and final season. "I've been there for the last three, so I'll be right there for the last one." Hmm…could Coach Roz be visiting the Big Apple?!

How and why do you think Coach Roz will be visiting New York in Glee's seasons 5 and 6?