Glee Season 5 Spoilers: Will Rachel Be Done With Romantic Relationships?

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July 30, 2013


Matt Roush of TV Guide recently got a question from a Glee fan in his “Ask Matt” Q&A column, related to Cory Monteith’s recent death and the effect it’s going to have not only on the show itself but on Lea Michele’s character, Rachel Berry:

Question: In lieu of the recent passing of Cory Monteith, I have seen numerous stories about how past shows have handled the real life passing of an actor/actress — but has there ever been a circumstance like the one on Glee before, where the actor or actress has been a major leading character who was also part of an unresolved beloved core couple? I know 8 Simple Rules had John Ritter who was a lead, but being a comedy, nothing was unresolved with the character. Also, do you think there is any way to ever move the character of Rachel forward in a romantic relationship that the audience could accept or is Rachel done with romantic relationships, being that the audience knows Cory has passed and not left the show for contract or other reasons? — Lindsey

Matt Roush: As in real life, every death on an ongoing series has its own unique complications and sadness. If there’s a situation comparable to what’s happened to Glee, in terms of on-screen and off-screen relationships, I can’t recall it. Regardless, it’s too soon in the mourning process to speculate what happens as life goes on for those involved, let alone the characters they play. Wherever they take the Rachel character from this point forward, it will need to be handled with great sensitivity and it will take time.

What’s your take on how Glee might/should incorporate Cory’s death into the show – and how it will affect Rachel?

In other Cory-related news, have you seen this tweet by Glee showrunner, Ryan Murphy?

  • Kim

    Not only do they have to consider Rachel and her characterization they have to consider Lea and her real feelings. I don’t think Rachel will ever have a another real viable romantic partner. Maybe in season 6 they will allude to her dating. I think this is a good chance to revitalize the character and get that fire back for her goals of stardom.

  • Tanya Marcy

    I agree, I think that’s the only logical direction to take her character from this point on. Because Rachel’s conflict has always been between Finn and her dreams. Glee isn’t just about romantic relationships (although it sure can feel that way sometimes), so this would be the perfect opportunity to really delve into that drive in her character everyone loved about Rachel from the beginning. Not to mention we’ll need at least a season to get through her (and Lea’s) grieving….