Glee Season 5 Spoilers: So Who's Leaving the Show? Heather Morris or Blake Jenner?

Glee Season 5 Spoilers: So Who's Leaving the Show? Heather Morris or Blake Jenner?

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Anyone else reaching for the box of Kleenex at Heather Morris' performance during Brittany's "goodbye" scene in the season 4 finale? While it's been kind of up in the air as to who might be leaving Glee next season, it sure seemed like it's going to be Heather Morris/Brittany - but then Blake Jenner's Ryder goes and throws us for a loop and announces he's quitting glee club.

What. The??

Of course we Gleeks want to know who's leaving for sure. (And while I adore Heather Morris gob-loads, I think I would cry if Blake Jenner were to leave the show so soon.) As far as a definite answer, we're left kind of in the dark. But since the original spoiler was that one of the cast would no longer be a series regular in season 5, Heather Morris is looking more and more like the one we're talking about here.

According to E! Online, Heather isn't gone for good but it's "unlikely" that she'll be back as a series regular:


  • Another insider who works on the show tells us that Morris' pregnancy makes it "somewhat unlikely" we will see her as a series regular on Glee in season five, however it's almost certain we will see her again "in some capacity."
  • The whereabouts of Lord Tubbington the cat are currently unknown.
  • Heather Morris still will be a part of Glee, but probably not as a series regular, for season five and beyond."

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the news as well:

"The dancer-turned-actress, who first joined the Fox musical during season one as a background player, currently does not have a deal to return to Glee, The Hollywood Reporter has learned."

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As for Blake's character, Ryder? Via The Hollywood Reporter, Blake himself sure hopes he'll be back!

"I hope so. I don't know anything for sure but I'm hoping I get to tell Ryder's story more in season five."

But Blake has also mentioned that the conclusion to Ryder's whole catfish storyline will be carried into season 5. So we have nothing to worry about, right? :) I hope so, too.

What do you think of Glee's season 4 finale episode, "All or Nothing" - and will you miss Heather Morris as a regular member of the cast?