Glee Season 5 Spoilers: Beatlemania Hits the Glee-verse...and a Different Kind of "Tribute" Episode

Glee Season 5 Spoilers: Beatlemania Hits the Glee-verse...and a Different Kind of "Tribute" Episode

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Gleeks everywhere are going through some real mixed emotions right now, as we're trying to decide whether to be heartbroken over Cory Monteith's passing or excited for season 5 in September.

Turns out we're both, and TVLine has some news on both those fronts for us:

"No doubt, Ryan Murphy and the show’s cast and crew have a difficult road ahead, as they navigate their own grief while trying to pay tribute to their fallen colleague — and still produce an entertaining season of television. The Glee writing team had already penned the first two Season 5 installments — built around the music of the Beatles — back in May, which gives everyone a leg up in advance of the Sept. 26 kickoff.

"And to that end, the show is casting five roles (to either replace or augment the three parts we told you about earlier this month) for the premiere, only one of which calls for a young actor. (Hrmmm.) The lineup of new characters — the first three of which are recurring — includes:

  • Roderick Easton: "a talented, theatrical fortysomething with a big ego"
  • Jim Elliott: "a handsome, smart academic in his mid-40s or 50s"
  • Jurgen: "another fella in his mid-40s or 50s, who’s either German or Austrian, with a definite accent"
  • "Unidentified" School Board Member: "...not-gender-specific, forty-something...."
  • “Nerdy Girl”: "age 18 or thereabouts, who’ll likely wind up in the halls of William McKinley High (albeit with only a single line of dialogue)"

So has Glee boss, Ryan Murphy and his crew decided on how they're going to handle Finn's character? If I'm not mistaken, this kind of sounds like we can expect a character death....

"After Beatlemania hits the Glee-verse, expect one more episode — a tribute to fallen Finn — before the show takes its fall hiatus."

Well, that's definitely an episode we won't be too excited for.... How are you guys taking Cory's death yourselves, and what do you think of these new characters on the show next season?