Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Who Plays Throat Explosion’s Lead Singer at Nationals?

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December 12, 2013


We’ve sure heard a lot about Throat Explosion on Glee lately, huh? (Thanks, Blaine.) So, why exactly is New Directions’ competition at Nationals so fierce this year? Because Throat Explosion’s lead singer is Pitch Perfect‘s Skylar Astin. No, seriously.

TVLine confirms (via Darren Criss’ Instagram) Skylar’s guest appearance on Glee this spring.

Skylar Astin has booked a guest stint on Glee in a role that will likely draw comparisons to the character he played in last year’s big-screen musical-comedy hit.

According to sources, the actor-singer — who’s currently starring in TBS’ rookie sitcom Ground Floorwill play Jean-Baptiste, the lead singer of Throat Explosion (aka New Directions’ competition at Nationals).

As confirmed by Darren Criss’ Instagram account (see photo, above), Astin’s episode is currently in production and is slated to air in March.

Thanks, Darren. :) What are you expecting out of Skylar Astin’s upcoming character on Glee this season?