Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Holiday Episode This Year - Here Comes Santa Claus

Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Holiday Episode This Year - Here Comes Santa Claus

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Scratch that. Michael Ausiello of TVLine just spoiled in a more recent spoiler roundup that Glee will be doing a Christmas/Holiday episode this season after all. Way to be vague, Aus.

Is Glee doing a Christmas episode this December or not? —Jonathan
Glee is doing a Christmas episode, which I’m guessing must mean there is some kind of substantial time jump coming in late 2013.

So...are we absolutely sure Glee is doing a time-jump Christmas episode, or will it just be holiday-themed? We know Santa's definitely going to be involved...sort of.

In a new "Ask Ausiello" from TVLine, a reader asked about a Glee holiday episode this year - and while this season doesn't take place during that time of year, we will apparently at least be getting a shopping mall Santa. No, really.

As several clued-in readers pointed out...Glee‘s current timeline doesn’t exactly lend itself to a holiday episode, but the show did recently put out a casting call for an alcoholic shopping mall Santa (is there any other kind?).

The spoiler scoop also mentions a new character named Cody will be making his first appearance in that same episode - think he will be part of the McKinley or New York storylines? (Or part of the "alcoholic shopping mall Santa" storyline...?)

In that same Dec. 5 outing, we’ll meet Cody, an extremely handsome and charming manipulator who, curiously, will not be doing any singing or dancing.

If he's not doing any singing or dancing, what kind of role do you think he'll play on the show?