Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Emma's Last Episodes

Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Emma's Last Episodes

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/ UPDATE: Emma's penultimate - second-to-last - episode on Glee is season 5 episode 10 "Trio". /

Jayma Mays (Emma) revealed a while back that season 5 is going to be her last season on Glee, due to her new series this TV season, The Millers (sad face). So when can we expect to start seeing the last of Emma Pillsbury?

Jayma told TVLine herself that she's about to start filming her penultimate - second-to-last - episode for season 5, and that it's a good one.

Series vet Jayma Mays tells us that in a couple weeks she’ll be shooting her penultimate Season 5 appearance, in an episode that, she has been told, features “good stuff” for Emma. “From what I understand, it’s a really good episode for her and for Will,” the Millers costar adds, “so they’re telling me to be excited!”

What "good stuff" for Will and Emma might Jayma be talking about that could start phasing her off the show? (And, what could Ryan Murphy and Co. possibly be cooking up that will phase Emma out but keep Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester?)