Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Demi Lovato Plays Love Interest for Santana

Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Demi Lovato Plays Love Interest for Santana

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Curious who Demi Lovato's character, Dani will be connected to on Glee this season? All we know so far is that Dani will be a struggling artist in New York and will be "friends" with Lea Michele's Rachel Berry and Naya Rivera's Santana Lopez. Or will Dani be more than just a friend?

Naya Rivera revealed to E! Online that Demi Lovato's character, Dani is in fact going to be a new love interest for Santana in season 5.

Now that Santana is back on the dating market, we've been eagerly waiting to see who she'll be sharing sweet lady kisses with. On the red carpet for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Rivera spilled the news that Lovato will indeed be her newest onscreen love.

"I mean, [Demi's] playing my love interest, so I'm very, very excited about that," the 26-year-old actress tells MTV. "We get to sing a song together. It's gonna be good. I'm excited to work with her. We're bringing her to the dark side. Well, she comes on in a Beatles episode, so [we're singing] a Beatles song." Reportedly, Santana and Lovato's character, Dani, will be singing "Here Comes the Sun."

Although Demi Lovato's rep won't confirm Naya's reveal about Demi's character. Talk about confusing, right?

"At this point all we can confirm is that Demi Lovato plays Dani a, NYC-based struggling artist friend of Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana's. Viewers will have to watch her character's storyline develop when episodes air," Lovato's rep tells E! News.

Yeah sure, whatever. Guess we'll have to trust Naya on this one. Are you excited to see Demi Lovato play this kind of role on Glee?