Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Are Will and Emma Having a Baby?

Glee Season 5 Spoiler: Are Will and Emma Having a Baby?

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In case this spoiler photo (right) from this week's episode, "Trio" wasn't enough to make you ponder, Michael Ausiello of TVLine recently found out from Matt Morrison (Will) himself that there may be a "kid" in Wemma's future....

Take a seat and brace yourself for the mother of all teasers! When we grilled Matthew Morrison about whether Will will eventually relocate to New York — or more specifically, to the Great White Way — at Glee‘s 100th episode celebration, the actor might’ve let the cat baby out of the bag. “[Will is] going to have a family pretty soon, so I can’t see him leaving [them] and following his Broadway dreams — unless he packs up the kid,” Morrison said, before offering us a big smile and the following qualifier: “If he’s having a kid….” Of course, when you view Morrison’s comments in conjunction with this image of Will painting a room (possibly a nursery) in the March 4 episode called “Trio” (yes, trio) methinks the matter of Wemma’s impending bundle is as clear(blue easy) as day.

If he's having a kid...nice save Will, nice save.

Do you think this new development for Will and Jayma Mays' Emma makes sense, considering this other new spoiler here?