Glee Season 5 Spoiler: A Klaine Kiss??

Glee Season 5 Spoiler: A Klaine Kiss??

Guess which pair on Glee was recently spotted kissing on-set? Kurt and Blaine!


E! Online reports that Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Darren Criss (Blaine) were seen smooching while shooting the first couple episodes of season 5. So does this mean we get our Klaine kiss during one of the Beatles tribute episodes? You betcha it does!

Colfer and Criss were seen on set dancing and singing along to the hit Beatles song, "Got to Get You into My Life" complete with an entire marching band. Talk about a grand gesture! We love that song and we feel like some of the lines are absolutely perfect fit for this couple that clearly can't seem to stay apart. Case-in-point: "When I'm with you I want to stay there" and "I need you every single day of my life."

Complete with an entire marching band? Blaine, you really go all-out. You might remember Blaine has been gearing up to propose to Kurt since the end of season 4. Might this scene be a Klaine proposal? And if it is, how will Kurt react?

Image credit: Pacific Coast News