Glee Season 5 Song Spoiler: Who Sings “Here Comes the Sun” with Demi Lovato?

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August 21, 2013

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While asking Jane Lynch (Coach Sue Sylvester) about singer-performer, Demi Lovato’s upcoming guest arc on Glee, E! Online found out a cool little detail about Demi’s character – namely, one of the songs she’ll be singing and with what other Glee character in New York.

“…And we’re also excited to hear that Demi’s character will reportedly be singing ‘Here Comes the Sun’ with Santana.”

Will Naya Rivera’s Santana Lopez be the first to meet Demi Lovato’s character, Dani, or will she meet her through Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry? It’s been said that Dani will be a friend to both girls in New York, but in what context do you think she and Santana will be singing, Here Comes the Sun in season 5?