Glee Season 5 Episode 8 Spoiler: Newbie Cody is a Manipulator

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November 7, 2013

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TVLine spoiled a short while ago that we’ll be seeing a new character on Glee soon this season – his name is Cody, and we found out that he won’t be singing or dancing.

Now, E! Online spoils some more details about this Cody…and he doesn’t exactly sound like a nice guy. He does sound like a good-looking guy though.

Cody will appear in episode eight and he’s an older fella who is handsome, sexy, well-built… the list of good qualities goes on and on! However there is one huge drawback to this newbie: he’s quite the manipulator. Cody will not sing or dance so let’s start taking bets on where he will pop up.

Any guesses on whether we’ll see him at McKinley or in New York?