Damian McGinty Says Season 4 is “A Whole New Glee World”

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April 3, 2012

No song pun intended, right? Glee showrunner Ryan Murphy has been dropping hints here and there about next season, and how he’s been working to incorporate his graduating senior characters into future story arcs now that McKinley High is no more for them. And now, Glee‘s resident Irishman throws us a bone and talks a little about the new feel of season 4 of Glee:

“I was literally talking to Ryan [Murphy] like 15 minutes ago. Season 4 – it’s like a new show. It’s a whole new Glee world and it’s exciting for us. It’s going to be exciting for the audience. There’s going to be a few shocks I think. It’s all about will Rachel [Lea Michele] and Kurt [Chris Colfer] make it to New York? What’s going to happen with Finn [Cory Monteith]? Are they gonna get married?”

Aw, so there is some Rachel-Kurt-New York-ness thrown in there somewhere next season. Think theirs will be a success story? And what about Finchel, think their engagement is in it for the long haul?

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment

  • Kristen

    Can I vomit now???? How in the hell seriously cares about Rachel and Finn after ALL of this time! Seriously, if it’s gonna be a WHOLE NEW SHOW or World then find some new characters to focus on to wake up your sleeping audience. Finchel is hell to watch and I think I speak for most of the audience that is already on the verge of leaving the show when I say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

  • Amy

    Welp I’ll definitely not watch season 4 .