Glee Season 4 Sue Spoilers! Will She Be Nice with the Birth of Her Baby?

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August 18, 2012

We’ve witnessed evil slamming-into-lockers Sue, but we’ve also seen a more tender side to the Cheerios’ coach at McKinley with Becky, and her sister who passed away last season. Now we get to see…a motherly Sue? Well, we don’t know about that, but according to Max Updates, we will be seeing a “nice” Sue at the start of season 4.

“…at the start of the season, [Sue] has her newborn gorgeous baby girl named Robin who unfortunately suffers Down syndrome but reminds her of spring and new beginnings and her most loved Bee Gee music group.”

Are you looking forward to the Sue baby plot line coming to fruition, or is the Down syndrome element becoming a little stale? How do you see a nicer Sue interacting with Will’s glee club in the first few episodes back? Hit the comments.