Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Will Sugar See Damian McGinty's Rory Flanagan Again?

Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Will Sugar See Damian McGinty's Rory Flanagan Again?

The most romance we've really gotten to see between Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) and Artie (Kevin McHale) this season is some macking on each other during the messy paint scene in "Dynamic Duets". We all remember the Sugar-Artie-Rory love triangle from last season, and we've heard that Kevin McHale is all for some Sugar-Artie loving, so...will there be more in the future?

Vanessa Lengies gives her take on the two as a potential Glee couple.

"I think Sugar has had this off and on romance with Artie.... She's had a thing for him, but I think she's socially pretty awkward, so it hasn't really blossomed. But there are hints of it all the time."

Speaking of's been confirmed that Glee Project season 1 co-winner, Damian McGinty will be back as his Irish Glee counterpart during the season 4 Christmas episode, "Glee, Actually". So will his re-entrance into the glee club - even if only for an episode - stir up something between Sugar, Rory, and Artie again? Vanessa kind of dashes our hopes a little with that one.

"Sugar is not in the Christmas episode," Lengies says sadly. "So, Sugar and [Rory] do not meet again."

Well, color me confused that not Sugar's name I see listed under the "guest cast" for season 4 episode 10, "Glee, Actually"? Is Vanessa mistaken, or was her scene maybe cut from the episode? Hmm.... Well Artie, at least now you can have Sugar all to yourself this season!

What say you, are you hoping to see Sugar and Artie as a Glee couple in the near future - and are you sad that Sugar maybe-won't be in the holiday episode this year?

Source: E! Online