Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Will Santana Sing to a “Hot Girl” in New York?

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April 3, 2013

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It seems the Brittana fans are still wondering if there’s any hope of Brittany and Santana getting back together. Well, not to dash your hopes too much, but…let’s just say Glee boss, Ryan Murphy may have other ideas up his sleeve.

Question: Got any Glee scoop coming up for Santana? Maybe a new love interest? —Ashley
“Ryan Murphy strongly hinted at that very possibility in a Twitter Q&A on Monday. Responding to a question about future Brittany/Santana duets, Murphy said, “Wouldn’t you rather see Santana singing to a hot together girl in NY who could emotionally give her a real relationship? I do.” (For the record, I do, too.)

While that most certainly does not sound good to Brittana fans, look at the bright side. We get more Naya/Santana singing in New York! What do you think, do you agree with Ryan that Santana needs to move on to a more mature relationship?

Sources: TVLine, Ryan Murphy via Twitter