Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Who Reunites in the Big Thanksgiving Episode?

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October 16, 2012

Glee creator, Ryan Murphy has shared over Twitter that there’s going to be a Thanksgiving episode this season, bringing back not only Dianna Agron as the original bitchy Cheerio but a certain Irish leprechaun.

Now, E! Online confirms, saying that, “Glee is planning a big Thanksgiving episode, which will reunite many of McKinley High alums”. Good news, right? Heck yeah! Although, other than this behind-the-scenes snapshot of some of the old gang back at Breadstix (right), who knows exactly what will be in store for us Glee-wise this Turkey Day.

Though Lea Michele (Rachel) told E! exactly what’s in store for Finn and Rachel for the remainder of the season – or at least, a good chunk of the season.

…Finchel fans might want to just accept the fact that for the time being, those two aren’t going to be together for a while. Lea Michele confirmed to [E! Online] that even though she flew home to Ohio to confront him, that’s where their interaction ends, and Finn and Rachel will not be speaking or seeing each other at all when Glee returns from hiatus.

While this isn’t exactly the best news for Finchel fans…does this mean more Brody (Dean Geyer) time for us Rachel? Share your enthusiasm over the Breadstix photo and the upcoming “big Thanksgiving episode” in the comments!

Photo credit: Dianna Agron via Twitter