Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Who Has Family Almost as Awesome as Kurt’s Dad, Burt?

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September 7, 2012

Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist) is a New Directions newcomer who we’re told will remind us of a season 1 Rachel Berry, and we’ll even get to see her in singing action with the original Glee diva herself in this Billy Joel duet featured in episode 1 of season 4. But what we don’t know about Marley is that…she has family almost as awesome as Kurt’s dad, Burt? (But the question is, can he/she make us cry like Burt?)

Just see what The Hollywood Reporter had to say about Melissa Benoist’s new Glee character, after pre-screening the season 4 premiere:

“Prepare to fall in love with Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist), a humble McKinley student that has a vibe of Season 1 Rachel Berry. The best part: She has a famlily member that’s nearly as awesome as Kurt’s dad, Burt.….”

TVLine also tells us this about Marley – that she has a “backstory so heart-tugging, it’s kind of impossible not to root for her”.

But the jury’s out on whether or not this family member of Marley’s (and is it a parental unit?) is actually as awesome as Burt. So far the feedback on this new character has been positive, are you looking forward to seeing Melissa Benoist as Marley Rose in the season 4 premiere?