Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Rachel’s Pregnancy Results and Santana’s Findings on Brody

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March 6, 2013

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The huge cliffhanger with Lea Michele’s Rachel in “I Do” has us all wondering…will she really be pregnant when Glee returns this week with new episodes?

TVLine’s Michael Ausiello spoils that, if Rachel’s home pregnancy test results are any indication, she’s most definitely pregnant. But, there’s always the slim chance that the home pregnancy kit could be a false positive. At least, that’s what Ausiello’s making it sound like.

Ausiello: She’s still pregnant in this week’s episode [season 4 episode 15, "Girls (and Boys) on Film"] (assuming you trust home pregnancy test results). Meanwhile, Rachel’s new roomie Santana finds a wad of cash belonging to Brody and suspects he’s peddling something other than sex.

What do you think Dean Geyer’s Brody Weston is really up to, and do you think Rachel will have a hard time believing Santana? (And do you think Rachel’s really pregnant?)

  • izzy

    yes she is pregnant

  • Adrianna Josie Aiello

    nope, its a pregnancy scare that forces her to really see what her life has become and who she has become.