Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Mean Girl Kitty and Her Home Life

Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Mean Girl Kitty and Her Home Life

Becca Tobin (Kitty) chatted with TV Fanatic and delivered some spoilers that might make you rethink the "mean" in Glee's newest mean girl. Or at least, she'll be mean for a while - but there is hope that we'll be seeing more of the real Kitty underneath all those layers real soon.

I keep hearing we’ll see Kitty is more than just a mean girl. Is that coming?
"It’s coming. It’s in the future. But she is going to stay a little mean for awhile, the layers are going to come off eventually, which is nice."

So Jake dumped Kitty and she had a nice warning for he and Marley. Is she going to live up to that warning?
"Yeah. I think the episode coming up is going to be Kitty’s slow burn and if she was mean before she gets mean and manipulative because she does not like hearing ‘no.’ So now, she’s not only out to get Jake because he dumped her, but she’s definitely out to get Marley."

Becca also says that in season 4 episode 6, "Glease", we'll get a peek into Kitty's life at home.

"I think that something that was really fun for me was shooting episode 6, the Grease episode, we get a glimpse of Kitty’s bedroom. She has a sleepover and for me that was really exciting to sort of get a glimpse of what her home life is like and, yeah, that’s as far as we get with her family thus far, but I’m just excited for Kitty to be singing and dancing finally."

Hmm, a sleepover? Do you think this is a ploy of Kitty's to get to Marley (Melissa Benoist), or something relating only to Kitty as a character - and are you looking forward to seeing Kitty sing and dance finally?