Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Kurt's Heading to New York! But What Does This Mean for Blaine?

Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Kurt's Heading to New York! But What Does This Mean for Blaine?

Okay, so based on the latest behind-the-scenes photos of Glee, we've gathered that Kurt (Chris Colfer) will definitely be joining Rachel (Lea Michele) in New York come season 4 despite his epic NYADA fail. We've also heard that he'll be jumping into the world of fashion (with Sarah Jessica Parker as his mentor! Or at least, playing his mentor). According to The Hollywood Report, he'll even get a "fitting send-off" from "two very important people" as he departs Lima, Ohio (who are revealed as Blaine, and Kurt's dad, Burt in E! Online's write-up of the season 4 premiere - and fair warning, Burt will make us cry again).

There's also the latest scoop that Kurt convinces Rachel she should "ditch the dorm" and they should room together (like duh, Rachel).

E! Online talks about the set readjustments Glee has been making for season 4:

"...In their place are a large NYADA classroom with chandeliers and beautiful arched windows (with an outdoor lighting effect that allows the crew to shoot for day or night), and a spacious loft-style apartment (with exposed beams and brick) for Kurt and Rachel, who'll be shacking up together after Kurt shows up in NYC and convinces Rachel to ditch her dorm."

Take note though that Kurt and Rachel's eventual apartment space is "way, way outside the city". (Does this mean we should expect a ghetto apartment?)

So...where does this leave Blaine? Other than the obvious of being stuck at a strange school without Kurt, of course. Well, it's been said that he's going to cope with Kurt's absence in the most normal way possible - join a bunch of clubs. One of which showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed over Twitter to be...:

"Zombie Survival Club"

Makes sense. Out of all the New Directions to survive the zombie apocalypse, I'd definitely pick Blaine.

But even though Blaine (Darren Criss) will be spending some of his season 4 time down in the dumps, does that mean Kurt will be too? Episode 4 is all about break-ups, after all. Ryan Murphy also tweeted a little insight into Kurt's emotional ride this upcoming season:

"Happy happy happy...then sad...then happier happier."

That definitely makes us happier too, Ryan. What other clubs do you think Blaine will join at McKinley to ease his Kurt-less pain?